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What’s Your Corporate Kryptonite? Part 1 From Work Fairy Tales

What’s Your Corporate Kryptonite? Part 1 From Work Fairy Tales


It’s a misnomer that knowledge is power.  Knowing something is one thing but correctly applying that knowledge, well–that’s power.   And not power in a tyrannical sense but in a way to create positive change.  (Which is my mission and my goal– is… that if I can help even one person identify sociopathic tendencies either in their personal and or professional life, and correctly apply this new knowledge to create positive change in their life, well then everything I’ve gone through will have been worth it!)

I read an entertaining website daily which uses the phrase, ‘use the learn button,’ when discussing the cyclical parasitic behavior of the site’s subject or ‘star,’ (well , at least star in one person’s mind).  The insight I gained from what some (again, really a party of one) would call a ‘hate site,’ was actually a ‘truth site’ which was diagnosing (or calling someone out) on their behavior.   Much of the same behavior I’d been experiencing, writing about and living both personally and professionally (not trying to Type A or one-up but my story also has a twist since I actually had a career to kill which differs from the ‘star’).  It was nice during a very challenging time to know I wasn’t alone up against the world.

I’m applying the learn button, to the next Case Study (or Work Fairy Tales).  I’m not sure if it’s sad, telling or both, that I can pinpoint my actual best day with the company.  In device, it’s common for people in marketing, the engineers, or executives to come and do a ‘ride along,’ with a rep out in their territory to meet customers and gain insight from rep and territory.

Oddly, the passenger seat in my car (then an Audi A5 (2-door) small back seat-for context) was seldom empty during the winter months (It was in the 80’s this week in Phoenix-context people, don’t make a snow voodoo doll of me please), so I get it.  I was just coming off of what I refer to as The Great PIP of 2008*, where my company allowed,  my manager, Muther Chucker, to put me on Performance Improvement Plan for being 93% to quota.

Funny people are quick to point out someone’s anger but less likely to look at what caused someone’s anger, like trying to fire them at 93% to quota with two months left to hit 100% (but you know –silly, emotional women and our periods and all?) I was working with a Director in the company and she was on the phone in the front seat of my car with the VP of Sales, when he asked her how I was doing.  Before she could respond, I said, “Why don’t you come out here and find out how I’m doing?” That shot out of my mouth so quickly and with so much venom, I wouldn’t have blamed him he’d have declined, but it didn’t, which I actually respected.

Muther Chucker called me in a panic seconds later with the Director still in my car able to hear the next very telling conversation.  “Melayna the VP called me and has requested to work with you (business etiquette-and he wasn’t so much requesting as he was telling him-which I found hilarious.)  I wasn’t panicked because 1. I invited him (not sure Emily Post or my mom would have been proud of the invitation but…) 2. I had nothing to hide but had a lot to expose.

Sociopathic behavior, in the context of a business model, (The Sociopathic Business Model™  (The SBM ™)where unethical and illegal behavior is encouraged, replicated and rewarded  understandably  fears THE TRUTH-the introduction of consistent fact based evidence over time, where  pathological lies, threats, intimidation, and  illegal demands used to manipulate employees will be exposed. (Truth is the equivalent to corporate kryptonite to corruption) and those supporting the Sociopathic Business Model ™ will do almost anything to control how and what information is exposed.

Over the next few days, I will take you through this case study which will provide the necessary knowledge on how to identify the characteristics within The SBM™ and teach how to administer corporate kryptonite to create necessary positive change in the work environment.  So get your capes ready because this is going to be fun.  Telling Muther Chucker that I knew the VP was coming and, had in fact, invited him myself (threatening current control and exposure of the facts) was my second best day at the company.

Part II:  Calls Containing Kryptonite Part II From Work Fairy Tales

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    If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.

    April 2, 2014 at 4:42 am

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