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Thanks Guys!

Thanks Guys!

Ghosts Loftus final


I appreciate the feedback.  And I was correct, each rep could write their own book on National Sales Meetings Past, from the stories I heard this week.  It was also asked if there is any fiction in these stories.  Nope, my writing is nonfiction which at times, has left me non-functioning.

Ghosts of National Sales Meetings Past….COCKtail Parties




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  • Re: Companies rewarding corruption. White Collar Bootcamp.
    The recruitment, care and feeding of a white collar criminal.

    Almost every day we read headlines about corporate deviance. From the executives at Too Big To Fail banks who exchanged fiduciary responsibility for bonus checks to the “Pervasively Polluted” Compliance Culture” at HSBC . White Collar “gangs” within large and small corporations have created huge empires through corruption and systematic criminal behavior.

    White collar criminals are not born-they are made- a product of their environment.

    A new field of study called Organi-Cultural Deviance has grown from the works of Christie Husted PhD and Renee Gendron PhD. Their first work entitled Systematic Differentiation Between Dark and Light Leaders: Is a Corporate Criminal Profile Possible and their later work”: Organi Cultural Deviance .
    Want more. I’ll send you the rest of the article…
    Warning: Companies have a playbook to destroy “do gooders” and “whistleblowers.”

    February 15, 2014 at 2:33 am

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