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Snow White and the Rest of the Really Pissed Off Knights

Snow White and the Rest of the Really Pissed Off Knights

A Charming Fib-Filled Fairy Tale

Explaining why Employees and Ex-Employees

Are Rightfully Disgruntled

Let’s recap:  Snow White during her ‘relationship’ with the ‘Prince’ of her career.








Grand Duke/Grand Prince




Snow White, along with the rest of the loyal subjects of the Kingdom, may have been sold a fib- filled fairy tale on how the Kingdom really came to be.  Starting out a relationship on a lie, is never a good idea Red Flag.  (Snow has more experience in this area than she cares to admit).  At parties, all throughout the Kingdom, stories were recounted and circulated like ‘cocktail napkins’ that inspired Snow and friends,  making them want to be a part of this amazing new Kingdom, to share in the vision and the dream; but, the sad reality, may have been, they  were all selling someone else’s dream.


This messy little matter, it seems, was settled out of the Kingdom.  Snow met someone from the other Kingdom in 2012, and she only wishes she knew the whole story in 2007 before she took a big ole bite of the poison apple.

But, alas, Snow in 2007, had finally thought she found the Kingdom where she would live happily ever after, but that was not the case. Even better though, Snow and the other Knights, were sold by the King’s Princes and Dukes, from the King himself, that if they remained loyal subjects in this Kingdom, they would be asked to help colonize the King’s next Kingdom (More Stock Options and another Kingdom-wow that was some carrot).  Snow does not blame the King’s Princes and Dukes, she believes, they believed what they were selling at the time.  Snow had one question for each person who dangled that lucrative carrot during the interview process, “Oh, so you worked with the King in his previous Kingdom?”  Snow, at the time, did not know everyone or interview with everyone in the Kingdom, but, she was concerned that she could not find one person who had worked for the King previously, despite the current carrot story; and, she was fearful that the perpetuation of the carrot story, may be nothing more than a manipulation.  Previous history is a good indicator of the future. Red Flag

Snow was also concerned regarding the King’s motives when he selected his Archduke.  He was only a Prince at his previous Kingdom, had not worked for the King before and did not have the prestigious pedigree of the King or Grand Duke.  Snow’s concern, was that an Archduke, who skipped Grand Prince, would be so indebted to the King for his kindness, and bestowing  this amazing fortune on him, that the Archduke would do whatever the King asked, even if it meant harming their loyal subjects or engaging in illegal and unethical behavior.  Red Flag

Snow is not a psychologist, nor is she asserting anyone in the fib-filled fairytale is a sociopath, but she does like fact-based evidence, reason, and logic; and, thinks Knights around the World can discern how to apply knowledge successfully into their lives if they are so inclined. The idea that an article in Forbes, How to Survive a Sociopath Boss, September 29, 2103, exists, gives creditability to a growing problem and begs the question:  Does the poison in the apple start from the top to the tree?

1)   Fails to acknowledge responsibility and deflects blame onto others.  Enter the ‘disgruntled ex-employee talk track or ‘negative, not a team player’ talk track for current employees

2)   No real feelings or empathy.

3)   Manipulate and bully for their own purposes. Due to their lack of emotion, sociopaths tend to need extra stimulation, and the feeling of power that bullying gives them tends to provide them with an adrenaline rush.

4)   They have no remorse. After sabotaging and firing a person or putting another organization out of business they feel nothing, or in extreme situations may celebrate the “victory” and go out for drinks. On ‘cocktail napkins, Snow wonders?

5)   They enjoy making people feel bad about themselves.

6)   They purposely sabotage co-workers and employees.


According to the article the best ways to defend against this type of behavior:

-Trust your instincts

-Keep records

-Call the person out and defend yourself (carefully)

-Never, ever trust the person again.

-Leave (preferably with the head attached)

-Provide help and support for others

Snow White, signed up to be a Knight in the Kingdom, and sealed the deal by taking a bite of the poison (oddly, Kool-Aid flavored) apple.  Yeah, Snow was not a Princess, she was a Knight and fought along all the other Knights in the Kingdom.  She was of a unique group, in that she was, initially, one of only few female Knights who defended the Kingdom.  Snow’s softest edge was on the corner of cut glass and a razor’s edge. Her small stature was deceptive which would often lend itself to underestimation.  “People only get the opportunity to underestimate her, once,” said one of the Knights.

To Be Continued….

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