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Men Behaving Badly: Startup Edition II Sex toys to Female Journalist

Men Behaving Badly: Startup Edition II Sex toys to Female Journalist

October 27, 2014

Men Behaving Badly: Startup Edition 

oyster ben fink

If this page is starting to sound redundant don’t blame me blame the startup founders who keeping triggering characteristics of The Sociopathic Business Model™ by first discriminating based on sex and then keep plowing through the list with glib superficial charm, not recognizing the rights of other, lack of shame remorse or guilt, verbal outbursts all while demeaning and insulting  their victims.



The victim in this “Passion Pitch” case study:

San Francisco Chronicle’s Kristen Brown says she was startled to find a startup founder in her office lobby, handing her a vibrator. His “gift” also included K-Y jelly, raw oysters, and tequila. As she stood there, mouth agape, he pitched her his company’s Q&A startup.

KY in Bulk

Brown says when she asked the founder, Blake Francis, what was up with his gift, Francis seemed almost wounded.

“At first he was defensive,” Brown writes. “He said he was sorry I felt uncomfortable with his choice of swag, but also appeared genuinely surprised at my discomfort. He didn’t want to offend me, but also didn’t understand why I would be offended in the first place. Francis didn’t seem to grasp that sex — or a woman’s sexuality — isn’t a topic appropriate for a professional setting.” Business Insider

Yep- that’s right up there with not discussing a woman’s womb at work COCKtail parties  or for a male to ever use the word “womb,” just in case any male really needs to see that in print before it sticks.

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