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Hummmm Who Approved This Logo?

Hummmm Who Approved This Logo?

Silicon Valley Business Journal may want to rethink their logo, especially when highlighting the Women of Influence of 2014, and how it shows on the LinkedIn feed.

Logo Fail final

Women in tech and device don’t have it bad enough in a man’s world-Thanks Silicon Valley Business Journal!  This reminds me of the time I was working for Styker and had to sell a microdebrider by the name of the Hummer. And let the hilarity ensue when the male marketing team wanted to create hoodies (first made popular in cold OR’s) that said “Team Hummer” for the 3-5 women reps out of roughly 85 male reps.  I believe I said something along the lines of if all the reps were photographed in them, then I was game.  Weird it was never brought up again.   Or the oh so clever surgeon screaming down the hall, “Hey I need a Hummer from you.”      Yep-humor right out of HBO’s Silicon Valley.  Mike Judge-Call me I have endless material for your show.


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