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Happy Anniversary to Us!

Happy Anniversary to Us!


Almost three years, to the day, I was terminated from what I thought was the ‘Prince of my Career.’  The day before, I had trained two colleagues, and the day of, I was preparing to attend a Regional Meeting meant to be preparing us for the upcoming National Sales Meeting, still just two weeks away.  Meetings about having meetings, who doesn’t love that?

Someone from my Region, called and said, “Hey Jackass (this was a term of endearment), get your ass to the meeting so we can grab a drink and catch up first.  I responded, “I got fired today.”  To which he responded, “Quit fucking around and get here already.”  I responded, “Not fucking around, I got fired today.” Stunned, silent, dropped phone.

My termination was designed to be humiliating, it was, as well as debilitating; and, some would argue there was a psychological message behind it, letting reps know to fall in line or you could be next.  I don’t blame colleagues for not wanting to get mixed up and distancing themselves in the subsequent months.  I also recognize it was part of the design. Remember I was terminated at 43% to quota and another was promoted at 46% to quota. I’ll let logic, reason and fact based evidence guide the reader to their own conclusion on that matter.  You can read more about that in the book, subtitled ‘Moth Balls.’

I don’t think I moved from the fetal position, off my living room floor for almost forty-eight hours.  My hair was falling out, I’d lost 10 lbs. (not a diet plan I would recommend), and I was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to find work.  In my mind I, felt shame for being fired; and, yet I still could not figure out, why I had been exactly.  Neither did the attorney I had hired, who usually represented large companies, but her insight allowed me to see things from the Corporate side.  Moments before I was let go, she told me not to worry that no company in their right might would let me go, given the documentation I had, regarding EEOC claims.   It wasn’t until much later in this story that things became very clear, with the accomplice/victim cycle I’ve previously described.

I also realized, I wasn’t alone, as I got calls from other employees asking for guidance.  I felt like I was part of a Seal Team extraction program. Trust, that I did not seek this role.   I felt such compassion for people who were going through what I did, but worse, most had spouses and children to think of as well.

Across the industry, more and more people called to tell me they were fired for no reason, or asked to do something illegal and when not compliant, retaliated against and terminated.  Then calls from other industries started to reach me, about retaliation and termination.

In 2012 38,000 employees filed retaliation claims against their Company. (refer to post A 360 that would make Linda Blair’s Head in the Exorcist look like Child’s Play).*http://www.industryweek.com/labor-employment-policy/workforce-eeoc-retaliation-charges-rise

In 2010, the Pharmaceutical/Device Industry did away with 43,334 jobs.*


Over ten million people in the US are currently unemployed.**


Job loss is prevalent today; and, I am not a martyr, or a victim, in my story, I am a survivor. And, again, I’m not alone in that line of thinking either, many of us are in the same boat.  The system is clearly broken, and we have to decide if we want to be a part of it, or venture out on our own.

I started to think about what my mother said, ‘same circus, different ring,’ as I put out countless resumes. I found a job, in the same industry, only be let go again, this time due to downsizing, so I was originally told.  Then calls from recruiters dried up.  I took into account the economy but there is nothing more deafening than the sound of a silent phone, when all you want, is for it to ring. I used to get on average 10 calls a month from recruiters for over 15 years.  It was frustrating, puzzling and not going to get me down.

I started to think about my perfect career and what it would entail (pretty much take the opposite of what I had been feeling from the Industry):

  1. I wanted to work for an ethical company
  2. I wanted to get out of bed hopeful and instill that hope in others
  3. I wanted to help others become successful in their business by teaching about accountability, productivity, marketability and profitability.
  4. I no longer had a desire to work for someone who did not appreciate my efforts or viewed me as an accomplice until I was no longer useful and then became a victim.
  5. I wanted to put on a cape (likely Chanel), and start rightng some of the injustices in the business world and create positive change.

Since, my now former industry, had not responded to my attempts at employment, I did what I do best, I made lemonade from Industry’s orchards of wrongdoing lemons and created a Company and developed an entirely new business model, in the process.

The MMpiHer Method ™, is a three month program, that encompasses everything that was lacking in my former industry:  increased accountability and productivity for all employees (from the CEO to the person who answers the phone), teaching everyone in the company the importance of marketability and that a company can be both profitable and ethical, it does not have to be a choice.

Month 1: MMpiHer in the Middle™ is a customized and proprietary program that revitalizes your Company, where everyone makes necessary changes until we meet in the middle or ‘sweet spot’ for the greatest overall accountability and productivity.

-This process keeps a Company more honest and ethical.  Everyone is answering to ‘The Middle”, which is my Company, replacing the need for costly and ineffective middle managers, where much of the illegal activity is perpetuated.  Illegal activity usually orginates at the Executive Level, but is carried out by middle management minions.

AND, if I hear the word paradigm shift around this concept, I will personally come to your house and kick your ass.

Month 2: MMpiHer Marketing™ is as easy as CAKE™ (create, assess, kick-off, events) is a customized and proprietary program creating marketing campaigns. Yes! Not just an updated website, but entire campaigns centered around your business.

Month 3: MMpiHer Money™ is a customized and proprietary program that identifies and creates sustainable tools to protect your Company’s profitability.

I believe so much in this concept, that I have no longer have a desire to try and beg an industry that would have potentially paid over, $10 million dollars, had I gone to retirement, to take me back. I, had a ‘yard sale, ’ selling off everything I owned and moved back in my parents, all to try and make a go of it.  I’m not there yet, but working hard towards it as I finish writing a book.  My goals are:

  1. To expose my former industry for the corrupt and illegal business practices that were encouraged, rewarded and replicated.
  2. Create reform and new policy with greater punishiment for companies fined by the federal government. Excluding Executives from CMS Governement Programs, and essentially black-balling them from the industry (for roughly 5 years, it’s a start).*Four former executives of medical device manufacturer Synthes, Inc.,(owned by Johnson & Johnson) who went to federal prison for their role in an illegal clinical trial of bone cement, are out of prison now but probably won’t be working in health care anytime soon.  Michael Huggins, Thomas Higgins, Richard Bohner and John Walsh were officially excluded from federal health-care programs , meaning no company employing them will be eligible to receive reimbursement for services or drugs through programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. Given the private sector’s dependence on government money, companies rarely hire people on the excluded list.” *http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/phillypharma/Four-former-Synthes-executives-excluded-from-federal-health-care-programs.htm
  3. Get employees, who have been wronged, to part-take in Consumer Activism Campaigns.  People often say one person can not create change; but, it always has to start with one person who can enlist the help of others, and social media and phone apps make this all the easier.
  4. Teach other companies how to run a profitable an ethical business.

Killing my career will have been worth it, when those objects can be met. If any part of ‘my story,’ is also ‘your story’, please keep reading and commenting as we move along in this exciting new chapter.  Happy Anniversary to us!



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