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Crushing It With Kryptonite Part IV The Work Fairy Tales

Crushing It With Kryptonite Part IV The Work Fairy Tales

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Awkward hug


And now Part 4 the conclusion to this work fairy tale:

Muther Chucker (MC) had done his best to make sure that I was never alone with the VP throughout the day.  But as I said, sometimes the stars align.  I had a case in one part of town and a meeting with a surgeon which ended up happening at the same time.  MC commanded that I go do the case and he and the VP would handle the big surgeon meeting (the tone, without fail, was to let men talk and he was dismissing me from the conversation).

The VP spoke up and said something along the lines of “MC, Melayna and I will drop you off to cover the case and she and I will take the meeting with the doctor, I did come here to work with her.”  In that single moment watching fear and panic wash over MC’s face was the very moment I knew the tides were about to change.  It’s as if it finally registered with him that all the illegal and unethical things he’d systematically done to me were going to be exposed.  Oh and they were.

The VP and I dropped MC off at the hospital, and he stood there looking back at the two of us in total shock and disbelief.  He was used to controlling the situations and calling the shots.  I know it’s evil (remember, I’ve never claimed to be nice and certainly not to someone who tried to fire me at 93% to quota), so I waved and laughed as we pulled away.

We had time for lunch before our meeting.  We grabbed a sandwich at Baggins who was later catering my doctor meeting.  I never eat a doctor lunches (known as lunch and learns).  The VP said he was glad to see that I got off of The Great PIP of 2008 (I call it that, he actually just said “Plan”).*  I responded, “Yeah, no thanks to you; and, just so you know you almost lost one of your best reps because you have male chauvinist assholes in your management team.”  I don’t say I was one of the best reps lightly or arrogantly, I say it because despite all the shit I had to go through with my manager and his manager that I was successful despite their best efforts to get rid of me.

The VP said that he hadn’t hired either of them and he managed by The One Minute Manager theory (executives let managers make decisions on their own), which works, if you don’t hire women-hating assholes.  That One Minute Manager series was touted as the Business Bible at this company and I personally found it to be more useful as a nightstand coaster.  This very reason is why when I started MMpiHer Consulting there was great emphasis on hiring the right people not only for myself but for my clients.  Hire slowly but learn to fire quickly.  If you make a mistake, cut your losses humanly, but cut them.

The one thing (yes there are many but in this context), the one thing I would love to fix about myself is controlling my emotions /passions/frustrations so they don’t manifest in the form of a tear.  Not tears just tear.  It happened when I was put on The Great PIP of 2008 and it happened when I was talking to the VP.  I hate giving people, especially MC the what they perceive as the satisfaction of making me cry when it fact my body is doing everything it can (like when I was put on PIP) to not simultaneously to have kicked MC in the balls and strangled him, but I think that’s not looked to highly upon in business circles, so the tear happens.

The tear happened this time because what the VP was saying was coming off as indifference and not like someone who wanted to build a strong talented team.  Then he said, “Do you need to hear that a mistake was made when hiring MC?”  I responded, “Yes, and I want placed in another Region, not to report to MC or the AD anymore.”

He said, “A mistake was made when hiring MC, you will have a new AD and I will leave it up to him to decide what to do about MC.”  One step forward and four back, was he fucking kidding me? Really? He hadn’t learned that The One Minute Manager didn’t work in this Company yet?  The company knew they had a problem, admitted it and allowed that problem to parasitically continue to manage?  Fan-fucking-tastic!

We went on to have a great meeting with the doctor, who was about to be my beta test for a new marketing program, that if done successfully was to get me promoted into management.  Despite having to still report to MC, things were looking up.  Later that evening back in Phoenix the VP, MC, the other rep who I split my territory with, and a physician had dinner.  It was obvious that MC was aware that the tide had shifted in my favor.  Again, I used fact based evidence over time to make my points, there was no need to drive a bus over him because I was confident over time, he’d do that himself.

We were leaving dinner and MC tried to pretend that all of a sudden the last year of illegal torture he’d made me endure was to be forgiven as he sloppily whispered in my ear, “The VP was very impressed with you and said it was one of the best ride-alongs he’d had with a rep.  You should be very proud of yourself, I know I am.”  I had to resist the urge to hurl the very expensive seafood dinner I’d just ingested (what? I had on a really cute white cotton pique Chanel dress-no reason to make it a casualty of war too).  I responded, “It’s really a shame that your boss’s boss had to be the one to point out I’m good at what I do. A point missed by both you and your boss last year, as you tried to fire me at 93% to quota.”

He looked stunned that I’d make a scene.  Really?  It’s shocking how little he paid attention.  I was all about the scene at that moment.  But he was also lacking in self-awareness, as, at that moment, he tried to ‘hug’ me in front of the VP.  The VP could see the disgust of being hugged by my abuser, and called him on it, saying, “Well, that was quite a show, MC, now run me to my hotel.”  Oh MC was just made the VP’s bitch in front of the very rep he tried to destroy.  Yep, that was the single best day at that company.


  • Alana

    Hi. Intriguing story. May I ask what exactly you market to physicians? Just curious.

    Im hooked…

    March 6, 2014 at 5:03 pm
  • Richard


    I very much enjoyed the 4 part series but I hate to say this but the links are broken. If you click on part iv there are links for the previous parts but they result in a 404 error.

    I was able to read all four parts but it wasn’t as easy as you’d like. Just giving you a heads-up. I have two sisters that are selling into the same market so I’ve heard similar stories about managers that aren’t thrilled with working with women.



    March 7, 2014 at 4:14 pm

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