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Corporate CULTure-Oh Yeaahh! Sunday Night Slump

Corporate CULTure-Oh Yeaahh! Sunday Night Slump


Reposted: September 23,  2014

March 2, 2014 (The top story on the blog for March)

Let’s take a look at when corporate culture goes wrong via a menu from one of my previous National Sales Meetings (NSM)*:

Main Course

Pan Seared Blame

Wrapped in Truffle infused Shame

Elegantly paired with a side of crispy Hypocrisy

and choice of

  Sonoma’s best chilled red or purple grape Kool-Aid

And on the tables there were carrots in the candlestick holders (my former industry is about as subtle as I am.)

carrot candles

 *No actual National Sales Meetings was harmed in the creaction of this piece.

“Healthy organizations treat people with respect, and pay people for working overtime. Unhealthy organizations don’t. Unhealthy organizations make people feel if they don’t fit there they will never work again. Given the economy, people worry and put up with a lot they wouldn’t ordinarily” (1)

Cultish organizations are controlling in four ways that create the acronym BITE derived from the first letters of those elements of control: (2)

B-Behavior Control

  • Individualism is discouraged, while group-think prevails (Hey kids!  Did somebody say Kool-Aid? Oh Yeaah!)

I-Information Control

  • Access to outside information is discouraged, such as critical analyzes of the organization or meeting with disgruntled former members.

T-Thought Control

  • Questions that are critical of leaders are not seen as legitimate.

E-Emotional Control

  • Fear abounds over thinking for yourself.  Those who leave are shunned, and the belief grows that there is no legitimate reason for leaving.

Many times we do not even realize what’s happening at work is cult-like or actual abuse.  Not initially recognizing the signs doesn’t mean someone is weak or not intelligent; because, the abuse is systematic and gradual over time.   If Sunday nights are filled with anxiety and  insomnia and prior to Monday morning returning to work, it’s probably time to think hard about what you can do to fix the organization or leave.

And leaving isn’t quitting if you take steps to fix the system (even from the outside) with the help of others.  During a very stressful time when working in my former industry, my hair was falling out, I would throw up prior to conference calls or manager call-ins, and I seldom slept Sunday evenings.  Since I’ve left my former industry Sunday nights are nothing but a dream and found there are a lot of things you can do with Kool-Aid when given a choice.

Things I did not know you could do with Kool-Aid:

1. Dye Hair

-kool-aid hair dye

2. Dye Easter Eggs

Kool-Aid-Flavors easter eggs3. And with all those left over packets….


koolaid dress

And like many companies that take the culture too far..I would like to present:


Am I the only one who wants a VH-1 Where Are TheNow? on this guy in like 20 years?

And not to be outdone:



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