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Calls Containing Kryptonite Part II From Work Fairy Tales

Calls Containing Kryptonite Part II From Work Fairy Tales

Supermen in phonebooth final

Part one Here:  What’s Your Corporate Kryptonite? Part 1 From Work Fairy Tales

For this next part, we are going to look at characteristics of a sociopath as applied to The Sociopathic Business Model ™, I am in no way calling anyone a sociopath (I’m not even qualified for that), just demonstrating how the same characteristics are applicable to the personification of a business model.  Some greater parts of the whole may also take on these characteristics during this case study exercise as a symptom to the problem.  Meaning if a company employs a manager the manager takes on the characteristics of the tone of the organization, then the company is at fault.

Muther Chucker proceeded to berate me verbally for having gone ‘over his head,’ and inviting his boss into his territory.  Why would anyone be upset a superior is coming to work with them?

Sociopathic Business Model

During that phone call:  The Company allowed, Verbal Outbursts, Poor behavior controls, created hopelessness, which created an unhappy unproductive work environment.  The tone of the conversation instilled fear via insults and demeaning language.  Not a fan of the word ‘bully,’ as it’s the overused buzz word right now;  and, it still misses the point that we have to diagnosis and label the behavior  and tone of the Company properly in order to fix the broken business model and one word does not suffice.

I had a surgical case and meeting planned 2 ½ hours outside the city the day the VP came to ride with me.  I pulled together statistics about the territory, where there was growth potential, where I saw weakness  https://www.killingmycareer.com/fairy-tales-for-the-not-faint-of-heart/a-360-that-made-linda-blairs-head-in-the-exorcist-look-like-childs-play/  and how I planned to overcome those with a clear plan in place.  I was excited about the opportunity to show what I was capable of doing without interference from Muther Chucker.

Days prior to the VP coming I was informed by Muther Chucker via phone, that he would also join us for work that day. I had requested that he not and he insisted, and said he had to be there for a personal event anyway.  Normally (outside of training or CEO meeting) it was usually the VP and the rep in this scenario.

Sociopathic Business model Krypo

During that call:  Employee rights were manipulated through lies when challenged, demonstrating shallow emotion and irresponsibility all for benefit of the company.

The day of the ride along, Muther Chucker decided to ride with the VP and myself, abandoning the story of needing to be 2 ½ hours away for personal business; and, hope deflated like a balloon after a party.  Often when we are living it we fail to recognize the signs of abuse and illegal activity.  I’d ask that you think of a ‘case study’ from your past and apply the same characteristics and see if they hold up to The Sociopathic Business Model ™, as we continue to work through the process.  And remember:  Any information is good information it’s how we choose to us it that makes the difference. 

Coming Soon:  Part III A Lucky Break

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