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The Best of the Best

The Best of the Best

CW Taps CBS' Chris Brooks Head

I remember walking into the writing class at Mesa Community College* and seeing this kid who looked like he never met a gym he didn’t like, tanned perfectly (I wanted to know his secret to an even tan),  wearing a wife beater (to class?), slouched and stretched out in his chair, easily 6’2”, tough to miss.  I just remember laughing to myself and thinking ‘someone’s impressed with himself.’ And Chris Brooks was impressed with himself.

And I have been impressed with my best friend from college ever since; and, it’s amazing to see that others are impressed with him as well.  Chris started out his career in Texas working for CBS.  For all of his brilliance and talent, spelling was not one of his strongest skill sets (hey God’s fair like that), and he used to call me when he was working on contracts, because even spell check couldn’t determine what it was he wanted to spell.

Keep in mind this was 1997, when cell phone bills were still per minute prices and much higher than they are today. Someone noticed on his expense report that he called one number in Phoenix a lot on the company phone, for around $600 a month. He responded that was for ‘spell check,’ and it was never mentioned again.

Thankfully cell phone minute pricing went down and Chris worked his way up through CBS and was eventually provided an assistant.  I’m very fortunate that we’ve always shot it straight with one another, and told each other what we needed to hear and not always what we wanted to hear. And, is the reason our friendship has endured where others have faded.

It is that type of honesty that has served Chris well both personally and professionally. It’s exciting that CBS valued his work for over 17 years that The CW recognizes why he’s the ideal candidate to head The CW’s network distribution team.  Congratulations Chris!  And, since I never call in any favors, I want to meet Ian Somerhalder.


*The writing class everyone needed to get into the journalism program was locked out and in order to stay on track the overflow took this class at MCC and transferred the grade to ASU.

Chris and mel Graduation ASU

CW Taps CBS’ Chris Brooks To Head Affiliate Relations


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