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Taking Care of A Toddler: Killing My Career Turns Two

Taking Care of A Toddler: Killing My Career Turns Two

Taking Care of A Toddler: Killing My Career Turns Two

February 1, 2016

Killing My Career is celebrating its second anniversary today, which also happens to coincide with my 44th birthday. One a toddler and the other in a self-created mid-life career crisis of sorts, well at least at the start of it all; and, some would say still acts like a toddler. While I do occasionally walk into walls (because of vertigo) that’s really about where the toddler comparison ends. The site may be turning two but, the process of trying to create positive change for employees, consumers, patients, shareholders and taxpayers started well over five years ago.  I’ve thought of these last five years as freezing my life, pulling away from family & friends,  coasting past special days on autopilot, treating any day ending in “y” as a workday, very driven to achieve one goal.

Living in a city that’s hosted The Super Bowl, The Phoenix Open, and The Barrett-Jackson Car Auction, all previously on my birthday, the irony of sharing my special day with huge sports events as a non-sports lover was never lost on me. Thankfully, I’m not actually still a toddler, and celebrating my birthday was never a big deal to me. This year, however,  CNN’s countdown clock to the Monday, February 1, 2016’s Iowa Caucus was a source of much anxiety because I realized as the clock rolled backward, I couldn’t remember how old I was going to be this year. Cruel, the time had frozen years of my life away but the wrinkles on my face were no longer frozen as they once were by Botox. To say that stress has taken its toll is an understatement and I really relate to the image Dorian Gray saw in the mirror a little too much.

These last five plus years are the hardest I’ve ever worked in my entire career and worked without a paycheck. I jokingly say I got my MBA, law degree, and a degree in psychology as part of this education that I wouldn’t trade for anything but wouldn’t wish on anyone.  This is not said for pity or out of martyrdom but just to give context. I knew, as much as anyone can know, what I was getting into, and knew what I’ve always known, that smart money was always on me.  Not by luck or arrogance but with confidence because fact-based evidence over time had shown that hard work, adaptability, relentless drive, and thankfully the ability to find humor in even the darkest of circumstances, was all part of my proven success. This one goal was no different than any other time I’d achieved success in my career or life, despite not having any control over at times, I’ve remained confident in the outcome. Others, however, have not shared that same confidence or have done their best make an already difficult process even more difficult, almost as sport. Starting to see why I really don’t like sports. Regardless, a thaw-out is happening and along with that comes new growth.   I’ve learned it’s not about being right, it’s about doing what’s right. And sometimes you’re just lucky enough to be both.

Abusive & Non-Abusive People

Image vs Substance

Branding vs Marketing

Abusive people, who don’t like being accountable view those, like myself, and the readers of this site, who force accountability, as difficult, angry, disgruntled, or my personal least favorite “haters,” because they’ve abusively misappropriated the meaning of the word to allow themselves to remain Professional Victims.  Unethical people who often engage in illegal activity will never be accountable on their own and will blame as a means to deflect responsibility so they can continue actively abusing others.  They want people to excuse the inexcusable, and we don’t let them.

The government has been closed since noon Friday due to a major snow
storm. In fact, it remains closed this morning until mid-day. Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Fingers crossed that Puxatawny Phil doesn’t see his shadow on Groundhog’s Day, Tuesday, February 2, 2016, or it’ll be six more weeks before the government’s email thaws; and while I’ve humorously offered to hold a hand during the thaw it may have abusively ended up getting me grounded, from flying.      To be continued…

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