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Marketing/Manipulation Trends Towards Women: From PANKS to SPANKS

Marketing/Manipulation Trends Towards Women: From PANKS to SPANKS

June 1, 2014

I was a PANK before I knew what one was or there was even a marketing term for it.  When my sister, Amy, had her first boy, it was in the height of my money making days and I loved spoiling my nephew.  Amy taught him sign language which I thought was the coolest thing ever.  “More juice,” was always his most signed “chant.”  I often bought him shoes, because, well I loved shoes and shoes in that size were so freaking cute.  He probably had more shoes than most grown men.

Adidas Samba Suede Slip On Athletic Shoes

My sister (as a joke) taught him the sign for “More Shoes,” which we all thought was funny because anytime he saw me he’d break into a huge smile and sign language chant “More Shoes,” to which I would present him with (what else?  more shoes).

Dressy leather moccasins, boy


Which was all well and good until my sister said when he opened the red Puma Ferrari shoes and he would not allow her to take them off at bedtime, so the first night he slept in those shoes.  We are without doubt related.  And I was without doubt spoiling him.


Amy’s been good about helping guide us (my parents included) to make sure that we spoil within ‘reason,’ and not creating brats. Like when she told me that she would absolutely not allow me to purchase a Maserati car seat (because 1.  I was an asshole and it matched my then car 2. the car seat he had was more than adequate and well you know US Regulated).

PANKS 4Marketing anaylsts love to look at trends and create new names for subcategories for spending habits. Millions of aunts otherwise known as PANKs (professional aunt, no kids) are opting not to have kids, finding fulfillment in bonding with their nieces and nephews instead. Their numbers are growing: Nearly 20 percent of American women reach 40 to 44 childless, compared with 10 percent in the 1970s, said a 2008 Pew Research Center report.

I do however disagree with the definition.  Women can be PANKS until they decide to have families of their own.  Marketing and Medicine love to put fear in women; and to that I say have fun sans SPANKS (if that’s what you choose) and PANK away to be the best Aunties ever.

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