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Happy 55th Wedding Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Happy 55th Wedding Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Updated July 30, 2020

Today my parents celebrate 55 years of marriage.  And like any other celebration in the middle of a pandemic, this celebration will look different than five or ten years ago.  I jokingly asked my parents, who’ve been self-quarantining since the end of February, what exciting plans they had to celebrate their upcoming wedding anniversary.

My dad responded that he wants his oldest grandson, who’s taken in interest in cooking during quarantine, to make them dinner. Like many, we haven’t been together as a family since early January, when we celebrated my Dad and oldest nephew’s thirteenth birthday.  Never did I think then that we wouldn’t be together at least a dozen times over the next seven, almost eight months.

My parents have a remarkable marriage and our family has never been so grateful that they’ve had each other during quarantine.  Celebrations look and feel different but all amazing achievements still deserve to be recognized.  Please join me in wishing and helping my parents celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary today.

July 30, 2015

Some people go for quality, and some for quantity; and, if you’re lucky enough in love you get both, like our parents celebrating 50 years of marriage today.  This may look a lot like last year’s tribute, but much like our parents, “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”

Thank you to our parents for always helping us through the tears, fears, jeers and showing us through your obvious love & devotion to one another over the last 50 that if you’re doing it right-every year is best of years.

1 Before marriage M & D Lee's Bowling Alley Feb 1965 001 final

Dating in February 1965-Lee’s Bowling Alley

Forty-nine was fine but fifty years?

Upon refelction my mom wondered if they ever owned mirrors.

2 M & D 1965 Pap Johnnys Car 1959 Chevy 001 edited

1965 leaning against her dad’s 1960 Chevy with her steady

We three girls find it hard to imagine

Our parents had a life before their daughters became such a distraction.

3 Summer before wedding M & D May 1965 001 edit

May 1965 The only “relaxed” picture of our Father

If only he’d have known how much estrogen was in store

The poor man would have headed towards the door!

4 M & D Wedding Picture July 30 1965 001 edited

Married at the JP in New Castle, PA July 30, 1965

They ran off in secret and got married

Fearful if their parents found out they’d be buried.

5 M & D First Married Christmas December 1965 001

First Married Christmas together December 1965

Elegant dress of canary

 but sadly Dad’s dancing–less than extraordinary

6 M & D New Year's Eve 1965 001

New Year’s Eve 1965

Mom’s new shoes were never the same

But that soon wouldn’t matter ’cause they’d be out of that game

M & D Amy 8 months 1968 001 final

Amy with Mom in 1967

July 1967

was their first little taste of Heaven

M & D 50th 2 Amy Easter 1970 001

Easter Sunday 1970

A parasol in snow is quite a look

 Thankfully this womean is an amazing cook!

M & D 1972 Melayna 001

Along I came in 1972

It was a family of three

then came along lil old me

M & D Amy & Melayna May 1975 001 edited


Looking shy and demure as the lil sis

A stage almost everyone would come to miss

M & D Laura 1967

Laura’s Christening 1976

We were four

No more

M & D Laura Christmas 1976 001

Christmas Amy, Melayna & Laura 1976

Laura ran before she could walk

Fitting since she was the talented family jock

M & D New House Edward Drive October 1975 Blue Mustang Convertib 001 cropped

Our childhood home Carnegie, PA 1975

This is where life’s lessons were taught & often sought:”You don’t have money, we make money if you want things you work for them”

“Learn on someone else’s dime”

“No matter how many times you fall remember what you learned on your way back up”

M & D Amy Melyna Laura April 1 1979 001 Edited


“Remember to get back up”

“No matter how badly you think you have it someone always has it better & someone always has it worse”

M & D Amy Melayna Laura May 1986


M & D Amy Melayna Laura Easter 2002 001 edited


“It’s ok if people underestimate you, it will be twice as rewarding when they figure out that was their mistake”

“The smartest person in the room is the most observant one”

“We’re not going to throw you a parade just because you did what was expected of you”

“Own your mistakes but don’t take credit for other people’s mistakes”

M & D July 2005 40th Wedding Anniversary Eddie Vs 001 rotated and cropped

July 2005 40th Wedding Anniversary Eddie V’s Scottsdale, AZ

M & D Dad's 70th Orange Sky January 2014 001 edited final

Dad’s 75th Birthday Orange Sky January 2014

M & D Mom's 75th Birthday 2014 final

Mom’s 75th Birthday September 2014 Steak 44, Phoenix

And one I figured out recently with their amazing strength, love and support:
“It’s not about being right, it’s about doing right”

My mom told me years ago that once you’re a parent you’re always a parent and when your kids cry or are hurt regardless of age, it hits a parent twice as hard.

 My choices over the last five years to do what’s right have hurt the people I care about the most with their blessings and support which makes them more than incredible it makes them extraordinary.

Happy 50th & 51st Mom & Dad!

We love you!

  • Roger

    Check your date on the Chevy, it’s a 1960.

    July 30, 2015 at 3:59 am
  • Anonymous

    Thank you, Mel. What a wonderful look back at all those years and great memories. xoxo

    July 30, 2020 at 9:26 am

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