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Change, Pain, & Growth 25 Years Later

Change, Pain, & Growth 25 Years Later

May 1, 2015

No elevator to success

If we’re fortunate we know when change is occurring; however, there are times when change is thrust upon us and those we love without much warning.  Growth often times requires pain; and, it’s how we choose to use that pain that helps define us.

Twenty-five years ago today was one such occasion as I was wheeled into the operating room for open-heart surgery.  It changed my life and those around me forever.  On this anniversary it reminds me of how fortunate I am to have the family that I do with their love, support, and amazing adaptability.

The last (almost) five years of drastic change in my life were based on decisions I made but selfishly have had tremendous impact on my entire family who again have been nothing but loving, supportive and adaptive.  Symbolically if not ironically I’m aware of a change again later this month, 25 years after my surgery,  of similar (non-heart related) significance which has been painful, growth inducing with the goal of not only healing but becoming better and doing better not only for myself but for others which is how I define success.

As much as we try to prepare for inevitable change there are always unknown variables that can strike fear and panic in the most confident and secure of people; however, reverting back to what I know from my parents, “the truth always prevails,” what I’ve been taught, “fact based evidence over time is the best indicator of the future,” I know just like 25 years ago I may be a little scarred, but I’ll come out the other side stronger and better for it.


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