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Chandeliers, Silk Charmeuse & Chaka-More Childhood Trauma

Chandeliers, Silk Charmeuse & Chaka-More Childhood Trauma

May 23, 2014

Johnson & Johnson’s Pathological History of Unethical and Illegal Behavior

It’s no secret my life has drastically changed over the last three years and if I didn’t find humor in things I’d be dead.  So go with me on this next part as context and not another “c” word ending in “t.”

In my home (when I had one) I had an amazing chandelier in my bedroom, a custom bed and thousands of dollars in silk hanging behind my bed. Obnoxious? Yes, but I always loved the 1930’s Art Deco era and that’s what the room represented to me. The bed and chandelier have long been sold but I was never sure what to do with the silk charmeuse panels, until tonight (well at least a few of them).  And, I’ve always had a thing for chandeliers.  When I was three my mom was on the phone (non cordless/ cell era) and we’d just moved into our new house.  None of the dining room furniture was in yet and she walked in to find me stacking stuff up to try and grab and swing from the chandelier.


It was arts and crafts night again with the nephews and I had to creatively (which is my way of saying cheaply as fuck) entertain them; and no matter what they always entertain.  They did not disappoint.  I broke out two of the silk panels, bought felt letters with their initials, moss, glue and dinosaurs.  I asked if they’d heard about the “new” dinosaur that was discovered in Argentina, they said no and they youngest asked if it was one of my old boyfriends.  Seriously, he’s five.  I may suffer from middle child syndrome but he is a sassy second child!  It probably doesn’t help that I responded that I do a much better job of burying the bones. (Sometimes I forget he’s five.)

I already had $500 worth of mother of pearl beads (I mean who doesn’t just have that kind of stuff just hanging around the house?) I set everything out and explained we were going to make 3D dinosaur art for their bedrooms.  Hey in my defense I looked for dinosaur ribbon or “masculine” ribbon at the craft store and it is a shockingly under served market.

We basically created a Land of the Lost environment, on silk.  And then I remembered during this exercise that my sister (their mother) used to attach two flash lights to her head and sneak into my bedroom at night making the Sleestak noise and chanting “Chaka.”

And looking at the old 70’s set I’d say the boy’s creations tonight cost more than that set did.  I mean they didn’t have a mother of pearl waterfall or lake, did they?  God, they are so going to tell crazy Auntie Mel stories in the very near future, aren’t they?

D is for Mother of Pearl Dinosaur

C is also for Dinosaur


So she should probably remember that I still have a lot of silk left and her birthday’s coming up; because , I still get freaked out by Chaka and the Sleestaks


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