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Become the CEO of Your Own Life With SEO From the ‘Other Side’

Become the CEO of Your Own Life With SEO From the ‘Other Side’

Slow Sign

I can at times be slow to learn things.  Sometimes it takes me once or twice, sometimes it takes the advice from my trusted counsel, and sometimes it takes me 42 years.  As part of my trusted counsel, I have a mother, a medium and a therapist all of whom pretty much tell me the same thing (remember headstrong).

For a very long time, I did not trust my opinion and relied (or worried) about what others would think of my decisions; and, that self-doubt was problematic throughout my life.  Over the last few years (and with the help from therapy) I realized that I wanted and needed my trusted counsel like a CEO needs a strong executive management team.  I take in all information, opinions and theories but make decisions off of fact based evidence over time for the greater good of my ‘Company/life.’

This approach to my life has made me infinitely happier and secure; however, it has made some around me confused and frustrated.  Those accustomed to me once accepting their opinion or advice as fact are now challenged  by the change which is creating an insecurity (which is not what any good CEO does to their executive team).   Growth can be painful but it also necessary if we ever want to create change in our ‘Company/lives.’

I understand the confusion and concern especially if we look at my fact based evidence over time, it would stand to reason that I would overcorrect and not listen to anyone and go it on my own; but I can assure that true growth requires meeting in the middle.  As the middle daughter, you’d think I woulda  figured this one out sooner , huh? This growth will take time for others to see and fully understand but my past indicates that I owe each person the time to actually see the change and not just talk about it.

If you ever find yourself stuck in a rut in life, or find yourself making the same mistakes over and over again it’s time to start thinking of yourself as the CEO in your life and surround yourself with the trusted counsel of your executive management team.  And this only works if you are first honest with yourself.  The lies we tell ourselves are far worse than ones others tell us.  Here are three members of my ‘executive team,’ that you may find helpful or may inspire you to find some of your own.

Dr. Abby Garcia

Dr. Abby Garcia

Ph.D  Psychology

The best way for me to explain what she’s been able to do for me is quote something that she said to me, which is really a reflection on how talented she is as a psychologist (follow?)  This is going to sound like a humble-brag about myself but it isn’t, it’s about Dr. Garcia’s talents.  She said, “Melayna you’ve always had the tools, you wanted to create change in your life, and in turn create change in the world and I just showed you how to use the tools properly.  You are the easiest type of patient.”  That is the first and likely last time you will ever see my name associated with the word ‘easiest,’ anything.  Dr. Garcia takes private insurance and expensive if coming out of pocket-but worth it.  I always tell people don’t skimp on your body or brain.  Plenty of ways to cut corners medicine isn’t one of them.  That said I did not have insurance and hadn’t seen Dr. Garcia in almost a year.  But I still have the proper use of the tools as the best take-away ever.


Barbara Friedkin-Psychic Medium


The Mystic of Cave Creek and here’s my testimony on her site. 

In short, Barb is amazing and has helped me more than she will ever know-well maybe she’s the one person who actually knows how much she’s helped me.   I recognize for many there is doubt about the ability of mediums but I’ve yet to find one person who has enlisted her services and not found it to be amazingly accurate and she knows things that Google can’t find.  She’s Spiritual SEO from the other side!  Barb is expensive (remember I used to have money and a job with a W-2) but worth every penny (remember she has a lot of voices in her head (in a good way), so it’s important to help keep her focused on your people coming through).  I have not seen Barb in over four years but her words still ring true today.

Rob Johnson-Owner

Rob Johnson

Corndog Computers

I met Rob during a website build out meltdown (so I was really pleasant) and it speaks volumes that he’s still willing to work with me. What I like most about working with Rob is that he doesn’t just tell you something can’t be done he explains why it can’t be done, which prompted us to come up with the phrase:  ‘You’re only limited by your imagination (and your wallet) and if you’re letting your wallet stop you, you haven’t used your imagination enough!’  Rob has now helped me develop three websites and he’s also taught me about programming, images, SEO and the importance of blogging (it only took me a year to learn the importance-see progress!).  He will never know how much he’s help me and how much I appreciate his understanding and education of the internet (well maybe Barb can tell him).  And how could I not work with Rob, the name of his company is Corndog Computers (corndogs are a food group in my world) and Barb has taught me to look for the ‘signs.’ Rob is beyond reasonable and worth his weight in gold (especially during crisis mode-I mean people dealing with computers almost never have a crisis, right?)

Student impresses teacher- Look Rob #1 on Google

And if things don’t look exactly right on either of my pages don’t hold it against Rob it’s my doing!

And if any of you hate the feature image which was one my background image you have Rob to thank for making me change it.  He used to be totally opposed to background pictures all together (his page has one now).  See we met in the middle!

Also please feel free to contact me if you have questions!  Now go out and start creating your own executive team! Thanks for reading-Melayna

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