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And The Winner Is…

And The Winner Is…

IMG_0934This happens to be one of the few photos I have of my mom with her eyes actually open.  My sister Amy and I joke that someday we’ll do a montage of all those photos.  And then all the ones she took from our childhood where one or more of us are missing heads or parts of our heads.  

I came home from ‘work,’ yesterday (writing at Starbucks and working on getting consulting contracts in between conference calls), to find my parents each elbow deep, in their own bowl of meat, frantically kneading.  Feverishly looking over their shoulders checking to see if one somehow was gaining on the other, or worried about getting lashings for not kneading fast enough?  Was there some new senior citizen fast food sweat shop training I wasn’t aware of?

I interrupted the frenzy, “Dare I ask what you two are up to?”  My mom said, “Oh Daddy and I were both hungry for meatloaf and I don’t like his and he doesn’t like mine.  So we both decided to make it.”  Still slightly confused, I asked, “Is there some sort of prize for who gets theirs in the oven first?  Because you both look, well, crazed or possessed.” They assured me that was not the contest.  With a sigh of relief I said, “Oh good I thought you were trying out for some new cooking reality show that pitted spouse against spouse.”

My mom said, “Oh that show would have to be a double header with Divorce Court.”  My dad still hadn’t broken eye contact with his bowl.  As if there was ever any doubt as to why I’m competitive and driven ‘kneadgate,’ is a pretty good indication.   She continued, “But you have to decide which one is better.”  Sure, right after you tell me which is your favorite kid, I thought to myself (inner monologue that stayed that way-I think that might be progress).

Munchos and Lik-M Aid sticks (just the sticks-shockingly, I don’t like the sugar packets you dip the sugar stick into) make up my diet as of late (who am I kidding for the last 40years). So I’m not the best judge of food unless it’s a carnival.  They lovingly and carefully prepared me a plate, which I did not eat with them, that kind of pressure would likely have caused a cardiac event.  I told them I’d announce the winner today.  And the winner is….me.  Best parents ever.

Married for almost 50 years, still making each other laugh (and mad) but mostly laugh.  And here is my mom as she appears in most of our family photos.  Remeber you taught me at if we can’t laugh at ourselves , who can we laugh at?

Mom and dad eyes closed

Mom and Dad Capital Grille December 24 2010

Thanks for reading-Melayna Lokosky



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