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You’re Annoying….No Really

You’re Annoying….No Really

I can at times suck the air out of a room, not on purpose, but it can happen.  Is it attractive? Nope.  Am I aware when it’s happening? Sometimes.  Do I have tunnel vision when working on a problem? Yep.  I can be like a dog with a bone when trying to solve a problem which is my problem and shouldn’t be the problem of everyone else around me.

Dog with Bone

Inc. put together a list of things we do that piss everyone else off.  If you’re all of these on the list sadly you won’t know because you lack self-awareness and more importantly if you’re none of the things on the list hand it to a friend who will help you see that you’re both lacking in self-awareness and a liar.  Enjoy!

1. You thoughtlessly waste other peoples’ time.

I had a manager who was 1. just a waste of time 2. would waste everyone’s time.  He would leave a business voicemail that left no information, no reasoning he was calling just so I’d have to call him back to get the pearls of wisdom he felt I needed to know live.

2. You ignore people outside your “level.”

I’ve never understood this, but I was in sales forever where it paid to be nice to everyone. Actually it’s probably a good rule to just be nice to everybody all the time.

3. You ask for too much. 

The friend that needs you because you are the only other living person on the face of the earth in their mind.  These are also the people who are not happy unless chaos is running their lives.

Sky is Falling

4. You ignore people in genuine need. 

Not to be confused with the sky is falling friend above, this is the person who would tell you to take a cab to the hospital when you’re in labor with twins because they’re out drinking with their not husband…or something like that.

5. You ask a question so you can talk.

This is the ‘expert’ in the group who loves to share their wisdom.  What? You didn’t ask for their wisdom, don’t worry they’ll come up with a question to steer the conversation towards their canned answer.


6. You pull a “Do you know who I am?” 

Yikes! We all cringe when we hear it but you gotta give it to Reese Witherspoon she took accountability when she pulled that card.

7. You don’t dial it back.

This is that friend that has to tell you how great their life is (usually loudly) and with all sorts of TMI.

8. You mistake self-deprecation for permission.

Sometimes self-deprecation is genuine, but it’s often a mask for insecurity. Never assume people who make fun of themselves give you permission to poke the same fun at them.

9. You humblebrag.

See Gwyneth Paltrow.  See why people hate Gwyneth Paltrow.

gwyneth-paltrow final

10. You push your opinions.

Please see number 5.  After they ask the question and you answer and they don’t like your answer you’ll get to hear all sorts of why they’re right, usually without anything based in you know, facts or logic-fun!

Have any you’d add to the list?

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