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Yay for ACA!!! Now give us Stats that Matter-Pull Through

Yay for ACA!!! Now give us Stats that Matter-Pull Through

Mandatory Health Insurance Law

7.1 million is an impressive number to have registered for the Affordable Care Act (or Obamacare); and, personally I think  it’s a step in the right direction.  That said, it’s a little early for grandstanding and taunting just yet.  I’ve asked from the beginning why this wasn’t rolled out as a true beta test (patient one signs up online, patient one is medically treated by the provider and the provider who saw patient one is paid).

I’ve heard a lot of people say, “Who cares if the provider gets paid?”  Well, in order for the entire program to be a success all elements from signing up on the website all the way through the process have to have the bugs worked out.  Patients are already complaining that they can’t get in to see the doctor.  I have a feeling it will be worked out much like the website (on the fly and costing the taxpayers millions more).

Many of the managed-care plans have spent the last two months trying to figure out how to distribute the money to doctors, according to officials at three managed-care plans in California.

“We are currently working with the state to resolve a number of technical issues that have bearing on the accuracy of the payments, so we are still working on the figure,” said Amy Gurango, spokeswoman for L.A. Care Health Plan, the state’s largest managed-care plan with 1.3 million patients.(1)

And now is the time to take both sides (Republicans and Democrats) and bang their heads together in the center of the aisle to come up with solutions.  I don’t care that the Republicans didn’t want the Act (and anyone Republican who runs on that platform vote them out of office.) And I don’t care if the Democrats want to blame the Republicans (and any Democrat who runs on that platform, vote them out of office). Both sides need to have accountability to all the American people, not just those who vote directly for them, and make sure this system works for everyone!  If the providers don’t get paid in a timely fashion or their payments drop, they will ultimately drop patients from the plan.  Nobody wins until everybody wins! So come election time keep this in mind and vote for the candidate who is offering a solution and not placing blame regardless of party line.  

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