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Winners of the Weak (August 10-16 2014) Top Fraud Stories

Winners of the Weak (August 10-16 2014) Top Fraud Stories

August 16, 2014


Accidents happen except when egos get in the way and someone dies, manners are missed when a World Wide President is too busy to meet a Congresswoman, The DOJ perpetuates a pathological lie to pat themselves on the back while unethically enforcing the stigma of whistleblower greed, A Truth-Telling Lawyer makes the list two weeks in a row (super weak!), and Startup founders scrambling to distance themselves from previous crimes -I know it sounds like a really bad made for tv movie; but, it’s the fun filled fraud world we live in-bring on some forced accountability!

This week’s Winners of the Weak (August 10-16 2014) are:

Kevin Ward dies from injuries from Tony Stewart

Tony Stewart likes to be number one so he’d be happy to know that killing a man on a race track brought him to the #1 spot on this list.  Tony Stewart & The Sociopathic Business Model™ Even if Tony Stewart didn’t mean to kill Kevin Ward (just scare him) it doesn’t mean he should walk away without taking accountability for his actions (because he after all got to walk away).  Hats off to #TylerGraves who spoke the truth.  Stay strong Mr. Graves.  Get Active!  If you’d like to see some Forced Accountability from Mr. Stewarts camp please click the link and get active on social media.  #JusticeForKevinWard #ForccedAccountability

Jim Marchese Whistleblower and Real HouseHusband of New Jersey

Jim Marchese of Real Housewives of New Jersey and whistleblower fame didn’t do himself any favors when he incorrectly blurted out that he works with the prosecuting attorneys at the Attorney Generals office in regard to not wanting to be around Joe and Teresa Giudice.  Especially since the Attorney General doesn’t prosecute those cases The DOJ’s State’s Attorney does.  Real Housewives & Whistleblower Make Strange Bedfellows  The DOJ has pathologically with a histrionic pattern of unethically omitting the facts surrounding whistleblower settlements turned DOJ accomplice into victims.  This leaves much speculation from the public and media which often unfairly cast whistleblowers in a greedy light and The DOJ as heroes, except we don’t know where all that money goes they collect.  If you’d like to see Forced Accountability and a  governmental breakdown of where this money is allocated from recent cases such as Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen Pharmaceuticals Risperdal $2.2 billion or Toyota’s 1.2 billion then Get Active! Please click on the link above and get active on social media. #DOJDoYourJob #WeWantTheBooks


Bridget Ross World Wide President of Acclarent

Bridget Ross World Wide President at Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon’s Acclarent wasn’t at the home office in Menlo Park when Cogresswoman Jackie Speier came to visit, seems like a missed opportunity to support women in Menlo and the “Make It In America Act.”   Is Bridget Ross Bad for Business? Congresswoman Jackie Speier Edition If you think that Ms. Ross’ career at Johnson & Johnson reads more like a prison rap sheet and would like to some Forced Accountability from Johnson & JohnsonGet Active! Please click on the link and get active on social media. #ExecutivesBannedForLife #DOJDoYourJob

Josh Makower John Chang Bill Facteau Former Acclarent Current ExploraMed

Josh Makower and John Chang (former Co-Founders at Acclarent) along with former CEO of Acclarent William M. Bill Facteau now part of the incubator ExploraMedII  and brought a lot of activity to the page this week. Startup funding:NEA ExploraMed Acclarent Johnson& Johnson/JJDC Ethicon Thanks to the tipster who let me know the link to the pervious patent lawsuit had been removed from the internet and thanks to this not being Europe and the “right to be forgotten” it does not apply! Goes to shows that people will go to great lengths to suppress the truth as a form of manipulating the facts.  This is not necessarily an indictment of any wrongdoing though.  If you’d like to see some Forced Accountability from executives and investors-Get Active! Please click the link and get active on social media #ExecutivesBannedForLife   #JNJNoMoreFundingFraud 



Making the list two weeks in a row is none other than Truth-Telling Lawyer, Alexis Martin Neely (Alexis Martin and Associates, Ali Shanti) who even months after the story was written is an active post.  Telling.  Very Truth Telling. UPDATED Haters vs. Forced Accountability: The Alexis Martin Neely Case Study “The Truth-Telling Lawyer”? If you want to help spread the truth (the real truth and not PRSpin) then Get Active! Please click on the link and get active on social media #TheTruthAboutAlexisMartinNeely #ForcedAccountability #PRSpinUnSpun

And if you’re new to the page think of the image below as your decoder ring for figuring out  fraud-Thanks for reading-Melayna

Checklist-of-Characteristic-of-The-Sociopathic-Business-Model (1)

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