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We Do Not Discuss the Ukraine without the Ukraine

We Do Not Discuss the Ukraine without the Ukraine

Ukrrainian eggs

I’m of Ukrainian, Czechoslovakian and Italian descent.  My name, Melayna, is Americanized from my paternal Great Grandmother, Malanka, which I’m told means the New Year in Russian.  She born was in January and I was born February 1, so as a tribute, that’s how I got my name.   (My sisters are Amy and Laura-and my name sucked when I was a kid (70’s) and we went to the sticker rack at Spencer’s to find our names.  I was always shocked mine was never there).

My Bubba (what we called her) was a tough little lady who immigrated to this country when she was thirteen years old.  And probably the only person I knew who struck fear in my father and pretty much anyone else who knew her was afraid to get on her bad side.   I was appropriately named.

So today, when President Obama told Russian President Putin, words to the effect, that we will not discuss Ukraine without the Ukraine, I had to laugh and agree.  Imagine the arrogance of President Putin trying to negotiate on behalf of the Ukraine.  No one person or Country has the right to negotiate on behalf of a third party without them being present.

I just know my Bubba would never stand for it, and neither would I.


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