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Wanna Feel Old & Stupid? Who Doesn’t?

Wanna Feel Old & Stupid? Who Doesn’t?

I decided to do an arts and crafts project with my oldest nephew who is seven.  Our previous projects included:

Making ice cream cone cupcakes 

Cupcakes 2010

I gave him a choice between this and craving pumpkins-sugar always wins.  They weren’t ‘pretty’ but they were good!

And when we were years later joined by his little brother:

Decorating coffins and witches hats for Halloween 

Happy Haunting Final

Happy Haunting 2Halloween Haunting 3

Witches hats for table center pieces

Happy Haunting 4

Gingerbread Houses for Christmas

Gingerbread houses

I’d show pictures during the actual making of the houses but it was a Tasmanian devil blur of frosting and powedered sugar.

So when I decided to do another craft day with my older nephew I figured we had a pretty good history of fun projects behind us.  I remembered making friendship pins in the 1980’s and later in the decade the bracelets so when he showed me a rubber band bracelet from one of his ‘girlfriends,’  I thought this shouldn’t be too difficult.


My mistakes involved not doing an activity centered around a specific holiday, not having an Engineering degree from MIT, and not being a very determined seven year old male set out to impress his ‘girlfriends.’  When we had intended to start our project I was called away and my poor parents were left holding the bag (full of tiny little rubber bands).  The directions on the rubber band bracelet kit had exhausted three educated adults; but, the moral of this story is that like most men, they don’t read directions but somehow manage to figure it out.

My nephew had figured it out-he’s surpassed anything the directions could have come with and is now teaching other kids how to make them. And that is how I came to feel both old and stupid in the same day.  My sister and brother in law have done an amazing job with their boys.  And my sister has instilled in them early that women deserve to be treated with respect and that women like jewelry. (What? If you’re teaching them why not teach them how to gift properly and that things that plug into a wall are never an acceptable gift).

Rubber band bracelets


And these are two of my many treasures from my favorite lil guys:

Christmas Gift


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