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Twisted on Twitter: More than 30% Are Mobile Only!

Twisted on Twitter: More than 30% Are Mobile Only!

UPDATED: August 22, 2014

Fake-Twitter-Followers August 22 2014

Twitter-Fake-Followers august 22 2014

May 3, 2014

Fake Twitter Followers

From:  Marketing Land

According to the new “Mobile Path to Purchase Study” from xAd and Telmetrics (conducted by Nielsen), mobile devices continue to grow in importance for consumers. Now in its third year, the study found roughly half of survey respondents believe mobile is the “most important resource” in their purchase decision-making.

More than a third said they only used mobile exclusively. This finding varies by vertical but in the aggregate is striking and something of a counter-weight to the “‘mobile first’ is so last year” argument now being made by Google and others.

I sadly am not in the exclusive club of mobile only. I just signed up for Twitter this week if that’s any indication: so please follow me @MelaynaLokosky (original right?) Well on my parents end, yes, mine, not so much.  The only thing I know about Twitter is that there is such a thing as “fake followers” like “fake likes” on Facebook.  For Twitter there’s Status Fake People Follwer Check; and, I’m sure many of you think I’m taking this “ethics thing,” a little far.  I mean really what’s the big deal? (And how the fuck to I have 11% fake and I haven’t even been on a week?)

It is a big deal if you hope to run a business off of growth projections based on false (or bought) numbers your business will fail. If you’re a point of sale site and trying to get investors unless your goal is to turn and burn and not show sustainability then your business will fail. If you’re in it for the quick buck, then by all means ethics be damned (that’s sarcasm just in case someone really thought that was the green light) .

If you ever want to add and sustain advertisers or attract and sustain a publisher’s interest, growth has be be organic and not paid for.  Although it was like finding out Santa wasn’t real (Thanks Forbes and The Wall St. Journal) when I learned you could “buy” your way on to the Best Seller’s List.

Updated June 3, 2014

How to get rid of fake followers on Twitter

I also block anyone with the Twitter banner above=Fake account trying to sell fake followers


Status People Twitter Organic June 3


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