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Trending Today: BOYCOTT Johnson & Johnson

Trending Today: BOYCOTT Johnson & Johnson

JNJ 4 2 2014 finalTrending today-join this campaign or start one of your own:

Court documents indicate that, as of December 2013, Ethicon and Johnson & Johnson were allegedly facing over 12,000 federally-filed lawsuits and 4,000 claims in a multicounty proceeding in New Jersey Superior Court. The claims include allegation of a line of Gynecare pelvic mesh products. The first trial in the New Jersey proceeding was finalized in March 2013, and the plaintiff was awarded an $11 million settlement. –

The companies’ alleged destruction of the documents has severely prejudiced the plaintiffs for the upcoming trials in 2013, and that the defendants should not be able to benefit from the “gaps” in the plaintiffs’ stories that the manufacturers created.

Johnson & Johnson is reportedly maintaining its defense position against the most recent charges. In a statement, the company asserted that it had never intentionally withheld, destroyed or failed to produce relevant documents, and that the plaintiffs in the proceeding were not prejudiced by any cases wherein the documents may have not been kept.

12,000 FEDERALLY FILED LAWSUITS and Johnson & Johnson didn’t ‘intentionally’ withhold or destroy documents?  As consumers, the court of public opinion would question, what else would you call it?   BOYCOTT ALL JOHNSON & JOHNSON products until CEO Alex Gorsky steps down and the Company publically takes accountability for thier unlawful actions without further blaming the victims.

BOYCOTT Johnson & Johnson accused of destroying evidence

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