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Terrorist Threat 9/11/2014 SEO Results Vary Drastically, Why?

Terrorist Threat 9/11/2014 SEO Results Vary Drastically, Why?

September 10, 2014

Are Google Analytics overrated because they can be human manipulated?

Bing Google Dont be evil

Terrorist Threats 9/11/2014 typed into three search engines to track the results from a previous story.

Killing My Career  1 on Bing almost 4 million results returned

Killing My Career ? Google only 105,000 results returned


It’s not about where the site falls on any of the search engines it’s that why there’s such a huge variance between the total number of results returned?

The President spoke this evening, it’s the evening of the 9/11 anniversary of the worst  terrorist attacks in U.S. history or U.S. soil.  It’s not that people aren’t searching it (clearly they are on Bing).  It’s inconsistent and contradictory language to action for Google not to also have searches in the billions since Google is the number one search engine in the world (by a lot).

Looks like Google is being evil! And is in part why I do not trust Google analytics. 

Bing Terrorist Threat 9 11 2014

Google Terrorist Threat 9 11 2014

Killing My Career is also number 1 on Yahoo! (again not the point) we want to know how many results are returned by typing terrorist threat 9/11/14 into the search engine. Not the way anyone wants to be number 1 in a search engine and secondly there’s no plausible reason this site that’s only been up and running for a little over six months would trump other sites who write on the topic (or some hybrid from) daily.

Yahoo terrorist threats 9 11 2014


Search Engine September 11 2014

Normally from the analytics page 85-95% of the searches that bring people the page are from Google-stark contrast on today.



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