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Tell JNJ to Clean Up Their Mesh: Boycott The BandAid

Tell JNJ to Clean Up Their Mesh: Boycott The BandAid

August 5, 2014

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Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon’s Gynecare (the leader in transvaginal mesh sales) spokesperson Sheri Woodruff  says that “many” view the mesh they still sell that causes bladder leaks as the “gold standard.”  There are currently over 22,000 federal cases agaisnt Johnson & Johnson alone.

Johnson-Johnson-spokeswoman-Sheri-Woodruff-says that some thing mesh is the gold standard

After a recent FDA meeting Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon’s Gynecare decided to withdraw their possible cancer causing mocellators from the U.S. Market.  The question here is did the FDA give them a chance to withdraw before the FDA took action via Forced Accountability?   Opposed to Johnson & Johnson’s Ehticon’s Gyncare getting another black eye, did the FDA make them an offer they couldn’t refuse?

J&J doesn’t disclose morcellator sales, but they are a very small part of the health-care conglomerate’s overall business, which posted sales of $71.3 billion in 2013. WSJ

The dimished number is meant to mask that the device is actually used in over 50,000 cases a year and Johnson & Johnson (again like in the mesh market are the leader in the mocellator market).  That’s inconsistent and contradictory to what we’ve come to know from Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon’s Gyncare which indicates its likely they pulled it or the FDA was going to.

So if we want Johnson & Johnson’s Ehticon’s Gynecare to do a “voluntary withdraw” of mesh, it’s going to come from forced accountability from the FDA and patients and consumers alike.  Please help keep the pressure on Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon’s Gynecare by continuing to expose the facts that are not favorable to their corporate image and join the #Boycott The Band Aid campaign with #JNJCleanUpYourMesh and post to your social media accounts and ask friends and family to repost.

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Anytime competitior bandages are purchased please post to your social media accounts and tag  #JNJCleanUpYourMesh #BoycottTheBandAid.  Thank you for reading and let’s get Get Socially Active!

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