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Starbucks and Rats on Cocaine…Same thing!

Starbucks and Rats on Cocaine…Same thing!


I write from Starbuck’s often or like any day ending in ‘y.’  I used to drink a Grande hot chai tea with about eleven or twenty Splenda. Then a friend informed me that  our bodies basically now can’t tell the difference Splenda and sugar so it’s having the same effect (which is both creepy and disappointing) .  So that’s the first thing that ruined Slpenda for me (thanks Fay!) and the second was when my Buycott app alerted me to the fact it’s a Johnson & Johnson product. I quit Splenda that day.  Cold turkey.  And I am without a doubt a sugaraholic.  I am also nothing if not determined.  And the Buycott app is really against animal testing.  Those folks who created that campaign would probably not approve of this next part.

In the most recent headline-grabbing research, a study in rats found that a brain region important for pleasure was activated more strongly when the animals were exposed to Oreos compared to cocaine. A 2011 study found that the brains of people with “food addiction” reacted to junk food the same way that the brains of people with drug addictions react to drugs.

And when you Google Rats and Cocaine (because those two words are always entered into a seach engine together) you get;


That strung out rat will spin that wheel off its stand or meet the…


Pablo Escobar of the rat world.

And now all of that to get to this:Starbucks drinks map by QuartzThis just confirms we’re all just cracked out rats on a wheel.

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