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Spreading ‘Likes’ are a Cancer to Ethical Business

Spreading ‘Likes’ are a Cancer to Ethical Business


February 24, 2014

Lot’s of talk over the last few days about billions and projections, but here’s more evidence to support The Sociopathic Business Model ™ is alive and well.  The purchasing of ‘fake’ likes on Facebook has been proven (I think we knew it, but not to this level).  We’re not selling products we’re all selling each other ‘virtual products,’ that will cost us all a lot of real money and despair if we don’t fix this broken business model. Also, fake followers do not buy real products.

False Sales Projections

Give Appearance of Hypergrowth

for Overvaluation Fraud

The idea of building a business off of smoke and mirrors is not only unethical but the company will likely be basing sales and projections off of numbers that don’t exist, which will hurt the employees as well as investors in the long run.  What this means is that anyone in sales-be prepared if your company operates this way-the salesforce will unfairly be blamed for missed quotas and projections.

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