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Social Media Marketing: Know Your Risky Business #FieryChickenFries Fail & Robin Williams

Social Media Marketing: Know Your Risky Business #FieryChickenFries Fail & Robin Williams

UPDATED August 11, 2015

Burger King Chicken Fries still hasn’t learned from last year when they were promoting on Twitter during Robin Williams’ tragic death. Every time I see Burger King Chicken Fries I think of Robin Williams fondly and how someone at Burger King in marketing should be fired.  And again today, while #RobinWilliams is trending on Twitter, a year after this death, due to a tribute from Sarah Michelle Gellar, Burger King lacking in awareness is still promoting #FieryChickenFries. #Fail

Burger King Fails with #FieryChickenFries for a second year on the anniversary death of Robin Williams

August 12, 2014

One of the problems with social media marketing is that no one can control when certain events will trend and if your product will be associated with that event.  Burger King is really promoting that chicken fries are back.  Sometimes this can work out really well and other times fail miserably.  Due to unforeseeable events, news of Robin Williams’ unfortunate and tragic suicide trended at the same time as Burger King’s promotion of chicken fries was on Twitter.  No one faults Burger King for promoting or would hold them accountable for the untimeliness of the trending; however, it’s important for clients to take things like this into account when marketing.

Twitter Marketing Fail Twitter needs a Marketing Kill Switch

It makes Burger King look insenstive when it fact this campaign was likely in the works months ago.  That’s the problem with this type of marketing-it’s too unpredictible and can ultimately end up hurting your business.   Again, no one is holding Burger King or Twitter accountable for the trend-trends on Twitter happen-as is the design.  It’s up to those who market though to figure out what works best for them-social media is not one size fits all.

Twitter kill Switch

Five tweets and one profile picture later (roughly 15 minutes) the promotion was down (which is good) and all Twitter trending eyes were rightfully on the tragic passing of Robin Williams.  This may not seem like that big of deal but when people are trusting a billion dollar brand to random influence it’s not something I would every recommend.

Burger king

This promotion today coming up on the feed “organically” via CNBC is better and not tracking on trending under promotions.  Many in marketing overlook that marketing is very specific to each client and not all social media is for every client.  I’m not really sure how organic this is or if CNBC has a marketing deal with Burger King; but, it’s just some food for thought.

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