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Senator Kerry Praises Daniel Ellsberg-Pentagon Papers who Praises Edward Snowden

Senator Kerry Praises Daniel Ellsberg-Pentagon Papers who Praises Edward Snowden

May 30, 2014

Daniel Ellsberg defends Edward Snowden

Looks like Senator John Kerry might want to do a little research before referencing and praising Daniel Ellsberg of 1971 Pentagon Papers fame for “doing it the right way,” when trying to insult and demean Edward Snowden.  Kerry is becoming the King of inconsistent and contradictory language and actions and it’s time for some forced accountability from the government.

Daniel Ellsberg, the military analyst who in 1971 leaked the top-secret Pentagon Papers detailing the history of U.S. policy in Vietnam, tells NPR’s Weekend Edition Saturday that unlike Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden, he “did it the wrong way” by trying first to go through proper channels — a delay that he says cost thousands of lives.

 “Can it really be criminal to refer secrets of unconstitutional activity…that’s never been judged by any court not even The Supreme Court.” Daniel Ellsberg

The Guardian‘s Glenn Greenwald told CNN’S “Reliable Sources” that there would be new surprises stemming from Edward Snowden’s leaks in a book coming out in May. “There are stories that I felt from the beginning really needed the length of a book to be able to report and to do justice to, so there’s new documents, there’s new revelations in the book that I think will help inform the debate even further,” Greenwald said.
It’s funny how Senators were fine with the NSA spying on the rest of us but when the table turns and as accomplices they’d become victims- they were outrage!  The NSA was also spying on Congress.  During Snowden’s interview with Brian Williams he mentions that the NSA, can through our phones, find out quite a lot but I noticed a glimmer when he said they can even tell if you wake up next to someone who isn’t your wife.  Are we going to see the divorce rates in Congress go through the roof?  A lot of people are nervous and blowing a lot of smoke but is it really about national security?
Just keep this handy for the next (sure to be interesting) chapters of this story.
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  • Pastor Jim

    Yes ma’m! Snowden is a hero of the people even if most of the people are too hypnotized by Fox Noise to realize it. Excellent post!

    June 2, 2014 at 5:04 am

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