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Presidential Hopeful Bobby Jindal Experiences #HashtagHijacking with #AskBobby

Presidential Hopeful Bobby Jindal Experiences #HashtagHijacking with #AskBobby

June 30, 2015


This site has written before about #HashtagHijacking a tactic used on Twitter to force accountability from those acting unethically; and, today the master minds behind Republican Presidential hopeful Bobby Jindal found out about #HashtagHijacking first hand when the campaign’s #AskBobby hashtag backfired (understatement).

Here are a few of ones that will likely get someone fired (placing blame without taking accountability) on Jindal’s campaign and maybe help him rethink this Presidential bid:

This is what happens when a candidate has too many “yes” men/women around.

Ouch-but truthful. Campaign Stylists take note.

Well at least Bobby Jindal gave the 2016 campaign its first good (and much needed) laugh. Credibility has to be established (and posing with Duck Dynasty dudes) is based on image and not substance.

Bobby Jindal pandering during #AskBobby #HashtagHijack

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