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OWN Exploiting Lindsay No Different than her OWN Parents

OWN Exploiting Lindsay No Different than her OWN Parents

Lindsay Lohan final

I think we’d all be ok if we never heard the names Michael and Dina Lohan ever again.  Or if we never heard their daughter Lindsay’s name tied to some bizarre crime, car crash, flip offs in the court room, or trips to rehab ever again.  One thing we have all have come to expect from Lindsay’s parents are that they will continue to exploit their daughter’s troubles for every perk, swag bag, or minute of air time, they can get.  Until now, the media lead up to tomorrow night’s  OWN Network special  Docu-series about Lindsay Lohan.

Docu-series?  Are we serious?  Lindsay’s past has been a mix between Girls-Gone Wild, Celebrity Rehab and where her vehicles looked more like they were on episodes of Survivor than driving down mean streets of Beverly Hills.  Take accountability, clean up your act and people will forget.

Oprah must have put a gag order on Michael and Dina Lohan to prevent them for talking about the upcoming show.  Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Wow, that was great of Oprah to look out for Lindsay like that and protect her from her parents.”

Nope, Big O, likely would not want the competition or she needs the ratings to focus on the her OWN Network and the Lohan’s speaking would serve as a distraction from the main event.  I’m sure Dr. Drew will weigh in on how it was too soon for Lindsay to do such an intense show, with a contract hiding behind his back.

What I see really is just two desperate women looking to restore their former glory.  Thing is, I’m only rooting for one to make a come-back-Lindsay.  And if she does stay sober and see any success in future years Oprah will right there to take credit.  Just not sure she’ll be taking that credit on her OWN Network.

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