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Need A Good Laugh?

Need A Good Laugh?



8 Things Companies Have Said That Sounded Like AprilFool’s Jokes But Sadly Weren’t

8. When the National Pork Board sent a cease-and-desist to ThinkGeek over canned unicorn meat, a product that does not actually exist.
ThinkGeek dared to use the phrase “the new white meat” as a slogan for the sparkly mythical horse meat it cooked up as an April Fool’s joke several years back. The folks at Big Pork apparently thought it was too close to their “The other white meat” tag line and threatened to sue… again, over non-existent meat from a fictional animal.

4. AOL CEO Tim Armstrong not only tries to screw workers out of 401(k) benefits, but also reveals private medical info about two employees and their children.
It’s bad enough when a huge multibillion-dollar company gathers employees to tell them that company contributions to their retirement plans will be delayed. But when the CEO of that company then tells everyone that one of the main reasons for the delay is that it had to pay for the health care of two employees who had each recently had “distressed babies,” a line has been crossed. It’s the kind of thing you’d expect to see in a dark comedy — a CEO of a once-great company flippantly announcing to employees, “Sorry about the delay in benefits; blame Sarah, Janet and their sick little kids. Here is their home address and Social Security info while we’re at it.”

Mr. Armstrong is one of our favorites for a Case Study, feel free to join the campaign for his resignation!  Or start one of your own.

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