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UPDATED: MuNchAttention by Proxy Racism: Cecily Kellogg

UPDATED: MuNchAttention by Proxy Racism: Cecily Kellogg

#Cecily #Kellogg

December 7, 2014


December 16, 2014

Cecily Kellogg Not able to handle Forced Accountability

Cecily Kellogg did not like her lesson in forced accountability. It’s so much easier to play victim and cry about haters than it is to take accountability for being an insufferable pathological unrepentant asshole. We get it.

The link below explains why we want to avoid doing business with people whom we have to force accountability if possible.

Forced Accountability VS. Small Psychological Interventions: Creating Corporate Change VS. Individual Change | KILLING MY CAREER

#CrimingWhileWhite was a trending Twitter hashtag last week sparked by another non-indictment of a white police officer in the death of Eric Garner in New York. Some racially insensitive people took off their hoods, as to not obstruct their view of their computer screen, while they taunted #BlackTwitter with all the ways they got away with crimes. Charming.

It is also an enduring testament to an unavoidable fact: White people can make absolutely anything about them.

The Washington Post

Hashtag hijacking is taking a hashtag designed for one purpose and helping it morph into something far more meaningful for the greater good.  “Fixing” or hijacking the hashtag allows the topic to trend with the original while providing readers with a different perhaps lesser known side of a story. Think: Billion dollar company PRSpin and hashtag hijacking is PRSpinUnSpun.

For example: Johnson & Johnson created a campaign Donate a Photo and for every photo that’s shared via the hashtag Donate a Photo, Johnson & Johnson gives $1 to a cause.  This would have been a really great campaign if Johnson & Johnson had taken accountability for the harm they caused to patients prior to the DOJ stepping in and forcing accountability via billion dollar fines for Risperdal, two different types of hips and the 100,000 injured mesh victims who await their day in federal court.

Johnson & Johnson’s Donate a Photo hashtag hijacked:

Donate A Photo to Show Support for Mesh Victims


These women would rather Johnson & Johnson save their PRSpin and $1 (insulting & demeaning) while they take accountability for the problems they’ve caused as a result of putting profits before patients. PRSpinUnspun Johnson & Johnson spends over $2 billion on advertising annually and want consumers to think “baby shampoo” and not “baby killers,” but 31 child deaths on Risperdal should have us thinking of the company very differently.

#CrimingWhileWhite Olivia A. Cole

Olivia A. Cole Twitter

So when #CrimingWhileWhite took a taunting and mocking turn, hashtag hijacking to create positive awareness with change for the greater good seemed natural. Sadly, it was easy to pull together a list quickly as 90% of this site exposes #CrimingWhileWhite or #KillingWhileWhite corrupt corporations where CEOs don’t go to jail they get promoted and rewarded millions. Mainly white and mainly male CEOs-because statistically they outnumber the rest of us, were part of the site’s push in the campaign which really offended white males.  It’s challenging to say if African American CEOs would get away with the same unethical and or illegal activity-but that’s really part of the conversation, isn’t it? Racism from the streets of Ferguson to the boardrooms on Wall Street.

When posting two tweets about how the U.S. Court system allowed white billionaire heirs from  SC Johnson (4 months in jail) and DuPont (house arrest-no jail time-thanks Beau Biden)  to get slaps on their wrists for raping their step-child and real child, it was called to my attention that Bill Cosby also raped a women. Seriously? Did a white male just try and justify rape using Bill Cosby as a shield? Oh you know what? We really should let the billionaire pedophiles go because Mr. Pudding Pop also raped? Nope fellas defending the indefensible (regardless of race) should be a one way trip to the castration station.

CrimingWhileWhite Boycott DuPont Heir

 The Sociopathic Business Model™ doesn’t discriminate based on race, sex, religion or political affiliation when it comes to exposing the truth. Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick for his pathological unethical and illegal use of “God View” and  NFL’s Commissioner Roger Goodell for blaming, shaming and not taking accountability for putting profits above all else including laws are why they tweeted about under #CrimingWhileWhite.  NJ Governor Chris Christie made the list for Bridgegate where he got to investigate his own crime and find himself not guilty.  Brilliant! And no matter how many times he wastes taxpayer money to say he’s not guilty I’m not buying it.

And speaking of Bridges there’s none other than site favorite Johnson & Johnson’s Jannsen Executive turned Ethicon’s Gynecare’s Executive turned Ethicon’s Acclarent’s Executive Bridget Ross. She’s really seen Johnson & Johnson through the good times first Risperdal’s $2.2 billion (31 child deaths another 1, 207 severely injured children and let’s not forget the 14 year old boys who grew breasts) then she got promoted to Ethicon’s Gynecare (shredding documents and over 100,000 mesh lawsuits in federal court) and promoted again to Ethicon’s Acclarent where…well I guess we’ll just have to wait and see on this one. According to my Twitter analytics Bridget Ross’ tweet about #CrimingWhileWhite got the most amount of views and retweets in the quickest time during the initial push.  Huh is that sexism with a side of heinous crimes?

CrimingWhileWhite Bridget Ross JNJ Ethicon Acclarent Executive

Bridget Ross need not worry though her partners in crime Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky and Ethicon Executive Gary Pruden held their own in the #CrimingWhileWhite hashtag trend.

CrimingWhileWhite Gary Pruden JNJ Ethicon Executive


GM’s Mary Barra’s #CrimingWhileWhite got the most pull-through from Twitter to the website.  Everyone’s favorite “truth-telling lawyer”, Alexis Martin Neely/Ali Shanti the high priestess of making up titles to distract from lack of discernable talent or skillset despite having a law degree from (OMG) Georgetown and (OMG) first in class-always attracts the attention of other attorneys and Alexis Martin Neely/Ali Shanti’s #CrimingWhileWhite did not disappoint.

Marky Mark

A celebrity face to a cause always helps boost awareness but I’m not sure that’s what actor/former rapper Mark Wahlberg had in mind with his recent pardon plea.   Wahlberg has a proven record as a violent racist; and, the very reason why he shouldn’t be pardoned. Wahlberg argues (rather poorly) that he “wants people to remember his past,” while he tries to erase his with a pardon which is inconsistent & contradictory language to action.

And the most positive from the site’s use of #CrimingWhileWhite was the boycott of Whole Foods for financially supporting child rapist Marc Gafni.  While 65 more people to a campaign might not seem like much it’s a step in the right direction. And with continued holiday shopping let’s hope more than a few people think twice before going to Whole Foods*.

*And if anyone needs more reason to boycott Whole Foods, from Salon: My Whole Foods nightmare: How a full-time job there left me in poverty (thanks reader Pastor Jim for the link). 

CrimingWhileWhite Boycott Whole Foods For Supporting Marc Gafni child rapist

And if the above band of merry #CrimingWhileWhite misfits didn’t do it for you there’s a whole new breed : MunchAttention by Proxy Racism, where someone latches on to a hashtag (#CrimingWhileWhite)  to grab as much personal attention as possible then feign humility and deflect when exposure of the facts highlight inconsistent and contradictory language to the action of the TwyTooHard Tweet (and speaking of trying too hard-ha-sorry).  Watch for hashtag hijacking to make it about them and not the greater good and be ready for force accountability by calling them out. 

Cecily Kellogg 12 6 2014

And a group was ready to call out Cecily Kellogg  for her fabricated Tweet designed solely to thrust attention on none other than Cecily Kellogg. Wow-over 8,000 (at last check 10,000) Retweets-look at all that attention it’s like a form of  Munchausen by Proxy  or when patients drink bleach for attention and then drive to the ER claiming they don’t know why they’re sick (note: this is usually a parent injurying a child for attention (by proxy) but in the social media age renamed MunchAttention by Proxy (ppst-it’s not a real disease) because these people try and make everything about them and we’re all the victims by proxy. But this idiot got what she wanted, tossing out a tweet to gain some type of attention (Mashable) and it got people talking but not about the topic but about Cecily’s fib  where she hashtag hijacked for evil and not the greater good.

From Get Off My Internets

If you’re wondering why you’ve never heard this story before, don’t worry – you have. Just not this new version.

One version tells of a young Cecily joy riding with a friend’s car and being forced to apologize.

Pretty quickly we found their liquor stash, and soon we found their car keys, and we were driving their car through town, drunk…It was New Year’s Eve of 1981 when my mom asked me about the car…I was sure she knew everything, and I immediately confessed…I remember sitting in the house when the owners came back, forced to tell them what had happened, my mother rigid at my side. I remember the husband of that family looking stricken, saying, “Even now, I find myself wanting to trust you. How could you do this to us?” I remember feeling shame and yet burning with resentment, thinking that they were rich (they weren’t, the car was actually pretty old), what did it matter that I drank their booze and trashed their car?

In an earlier version she claimed “I got put in jail for a few hours as a kid to try to scare me straight after I stole a car at 13.”  Now via twitter she is evidently claiming she was not arrested – only the black kid involved was – and saying “only white people” don’t believe her story.

Checklist-of-Characteristic-of-The-Sociopathic-Business-Model (1)

Well that’s a whole lotta inconsistent & contradictory language to action which is usually a trigger for The Sociopathic Business Model™. Let’s make this one an All-Play and see how many from the list above apply to Cecily’s “story.”

The therapist that comes up with a punch card (like a coffee card where your tenth visit is free) would never have to worry about ACA payments if people like this (who would benefit but would never  actually go to therapy-unless court ordered) would listen to the rest and get into need therapy (STAT) the world would become selfie-less.  But  alas hiding behind words like “hater” opposed to the reality of forced accountability will ensure that we’ll get to watch the dog chase its tail for years to come.

Sadly these are also the people who usually say they’re “in marketing” but buy fake followers and don’t understand that fake followers don’t buy real products or that retweets only really matter from a business perspective  if it’s tied to a viably sold product with pull-through and  tracked sustainable sales. Analytics are easily manipulated and fortunately clients are catching on to the rampant marketing fraud across all industries and will drop Brand Ambassadors AmbASSaWhores or the like if the sales aren’t there. Bottom line you have to make more money for a client than you take from a client-a simple concept lost on those who grifter market.

Cecily Kellogg’s Twitter punishment for MunchAttention by Proxy Racism-everyone block her on Twitter and ignore her until she’s forced to make up something so ridiculous like a homeless guy punched her in the face because that’s the tipping point when it’s up to the family to intervene and  pull an Amanda Bynes and 5150 her ass.

Note to new readers of the page:  I worked in medical device sales and marketing for over 15 years (startups the last 10) and (shocker) I am not a writer (and my spelling/spell-check ability? not much better) so if you’re looking to this page to set the tone for great literary works-this is not the place.

Now get ready to fall over, my degree is in Broadcast Journalism (what???) from Arizona State University (now it’s making sense, right?).  I clearly never used my degree for its intended purpose until recently. I beg for your patience as I try to get as much information about fraud out as quickly as possible with a very specific goal in mind – it’s not always pretty (or apparently coherent-sorry) but I’m very open and grateful for constructive criticism and also some not so constructive criticism (I have a Catholic parents). Thank you for reading-Melayna


  • Anonymous

    As this train wreck would say, thank FUCKING God (she loves to overuse the “fuck” because she’s so “fierce,”) someone is calling this hag out for what she really is. It blows my mind that people actually believe anything that comes out of her mouth/keyboard anymore. She has a long and documented history of lying and stealing and cheating (documented by her on her very own blog, starting with the fact that she claims to have a/several degrees in journalism and yet doesn’t have a single one) and yet still expects that she is some sort of martyr. I
    Hope she disappears from the internet. Forever.

    December 7, 2014 at 7:37 pm
  • Carol Connelly

    I’m so happy to see your post about Cecily Kellogg. She’s a regular at some conferences I go to and I often wonder why more people don’t call her out for being such a fake. She makes up tall tales to jump on a hashtagwagon, with those stories changing each time. When you speak to her or see her as a speaker, it’s clear she’s using the “fake it ’til you make it” approach to success. Still, people invite her to speak or hire her to write or, dear Lord in heaven, coach. So as long as her team of enablers continue to kiss her ass instead of pointing out the inaccuracies in her story and career, she will continue to con people into thinking she’s an activist and literary genius when she is far for being either.

    Thank you for this.

    December 8, 2014 at 5:21 am
  • Anonymous

    Wow, thanks for taking the time to respond! I love when authors of articles do that. Rare these days. She is desperate, on all accounts. I dont know how much you follow her, but she jumps on EVERY popular bandwagon available and somehow contorts it to make it about her. She never even once mentioned the Eric Garner case before hopping on this hashtag bandwagon. She DID talk up the issue in Ferguson, and tweet up a storm about going to the gathering in Philly, but at the time of the event, she was busy Instagramming photos of herself drinking 7-11 slurpees with a mustache straw. She loves to talk a big game, but she never, EVER takes any action. Pure bandwagon for attention. Shes gross.

    December 8, 2014 at 6:55 am
  • Thank you

    Thank you so much for the Mu(n)ch Attention by Proxy. It so describes Cecily Kellogg so much. She jumps on every bandwagon for attention, making up stories as she goes. Her tagline “I’m a story teller” is so true, unlike her PicMonkeyed avatar. She is the biggest(pun intended) liar of all the bloggers. I don’t understand why so many people allow her to continue lying about everything, from her “college degrees” to her avatar.

    December 8, 2014 at 10:42 am
  • partypants

    Just want to say, I am the person who runs GOMI, I am the one who posted it on GOMI’s front page, and I am not the one leaving these anonymous messages to you. Thanks.

    December 8, 2014 at 12:09 pm
  • partypants

    Ahhh, ok. Sorry, I thought your responses to the anon up there implied you thought they were me. Just wanted to clear it up 😀

    December 8, 2014 at 1:56 pm

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