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More Companies “MESHING” Up: Bayer’s Essure Clean Up Your MESH!

More Companies “MESHING” Up: Bayer’s Essure Clean Up Your MESH!

September 13, 2014



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Essure&Morcellation Facebook Page Help Change the 510 (k) Law


Devices that are equivalent to one already on the market can be sold without a detailed review by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration under the approval of a 510 (k).  This is where the system is flawed:   Substantial equivalence should be determined by a board made up outside the FDA working in conjunction with the FDA on product approval to ensure that products are being approved properly and do not harm patients.

While surgically implanted mesh may not affect you personally it doesn’t mean you can’t get involved and #GetActive as the 510 (k) process is the same process used to approve all medical devices.

Essure Letter


Essure Erin Brockovich Petition

Essure Petition championed by Erin Brockovich

Erin Brockovich on Essure: “There is something wrong with the product.”

She was the single mother who took on corporate America and won.

Julia Roberts played her in the Hollywood version of her life’s work.

Now Erin Brockovich is working to raise awareness about what she considers a dangerous method of permanent birth control – Essure.

Essure is a quick, non-surgical, permanent method of sterilising women. The procedure involves inserting tiny coils into the fallopian tubes to block sperm from reaching eggs. It has been hailed as an affordable, less invasive method of permanent birth control; an alternative to surgical procedures that block, cut or seal the fallopian tubes.

But Ms Brockovich has joined a growing chorus of women questioning the procedure, saying the product has injured thousands of women.

“Science points to the fact that Essure is a safe and effective product”

Dr Edio Zampaglione Bayer 
We’ve seen that language before, from paid mouth pieces of mesh companies, who refuse to take accountability for the problems and fall back on #PRSpinMesh:
Johnson & Johnson spokeswoman Sheri Woodruff the company continues to sell mesh gold standard
Johnson & Johnson Spokeswoman Sheri Woodruff refers to mesh as “gold standard for treatment.”
This is why the 510 (k) process has to change so that companies cannot hide behind their #PRSpinMesh and if one device is pulled (or recalled) all others that were approved by the FDA substantial equivalence of a 510 (k) then all similar devices should be recalled. 
Meaning that if Essure is successful with their mesh recall Johnson & Johnson’s mesh products and other makers of mesh products should all be forced off the market.  If they all got aprroved under that guideline then they call should be recalled under the same guideline.   All mesh victims need to work together to get an industry-wide recall.

“It’s perforating uteruses; it’s perforating colons; it’s perforating the lining of the stomach,” Ms Brockovich tells the BBC.

“Some women have whole body scans – they don’t know where it is, because it’s just floating free in the body.” BBCNews


eSisters website to keep the public and victims informed

Essure Buycott Campaign

 Make our voices heard! Boycott Bayer! Recall ESSURE! | Buycott 


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