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Monday Marketing Mishaps: Time Machine Edition

Monday Marketing Mishaps: Time Machine Edition

July 7, 2014

Thankfully marketing has changed so much…

Baby Drinking 7 up

Upside-at least it’s not a beer from this from a vintage Seven-Up Ad

And speaking of beer-

Bad Beer

(Well in her defense she was busy sleeping with his brother)


These kids just finished building 34 doll houses in under five minutes

Kiddie Cocaine

Kiddie Cocaine for 15 cents-what could possibly wrong?

And more Doctor recommendations:

Doctors Smoke Camels

The T-Zone into today’s marketing is for skin care products not cancer.

And nothing like a little Pre-Starbucks Spousal Abuse with

the  morning blend.


The 1950’s were kinky

Rectal Thermometer

I mean if a rectal thermometer was the 1950’s hubby’s thing

(ohh that’s for the kitchen)

Check out the full list of Vintage ads that should have been banned on: hitfungallery

Or for more: Buzzfeed

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