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Mesh it Up Monday: The Anti-Mesh Marketing Campaign

Mesh it Up Monday: The Anti-Mesh Marketing Campaign

September 15, 2014









#CleanUpYour MeshDOJ

#CleanUpYourMeshGovernment Accountability Office

Thank you to all the new readers and those that signed up for daily post notifications-it’s truly humbling. Yesterday we started to roll out for the Anti-Mesh Marketing Campaign with the #’s above to bring awareness to the problems  caused by mesh while trying to force accountability from the corporations and government by exposing the truths they’d rather remain hidden with the goal to bring about positive change.

CleanUpYourMesh AntiMeshMarketingCampaign Bayer 2

In just a few short hours on a Sunday all the combined efforts (of many amazing women) already successfully pulled action from Twitter over to Google.

Twitter to Google Anti Mesh Marketing Campaign

This is helping #CleanUpYour Mesh create its own space on the internet.  And now to complete the full cycle we want to click on the Google results that link back to Twitter.

Twitter to Google Anti Mesh Marketing Campaign Step By Step

1.  Once Google takes you back to Twitter:  Type in #CleanUpYourMeshBayer (or whichever company you’re anti-mesh campaigning against)

2.  Note the picture is tagged with U.S.FDA Recall, Johnson & Johnson something you may want to do each time you send out a tweet or post on social media.  Add a picture and tag it to the company and FDA or media outlet. This adds increased accountability.  

3.  Go through the entire thread and retweet every single tweet for greater traction for the campaign. I know its time consuming but the more you do it the greater the impact

4.  After you #CleanUpYourMesh for your specific company help out the other women and do the same for #CleanUpYourMeshJNJ ect.

5.  Remember Awareness with Action Will Fall Flat– So just creating the Twitter/Google cycle alone is not enough. Make sure that you’re also linking in your tweets or social media back to pages with petitions or boycott campaigns.  Part of #ForcedAccountability is exposing the facts that the companies would rather remain hidden; and, once exposed could negatively impact their profits. If profits are damaged badly enough things within the company will change!


Note that even on this campaign the #CleanUpYourMeshJNJ and #CleanUpYourMeshFDA are present creating 

another way to gain traction and strengthen the links. 

#GetActive and please reach out if you have any questions or need clarity on why certain things are done certain ways.  Remember deviation from the process weakens the end goal of putting mesh on the media map!


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