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M.I.A, 3D Printed Machine Guns & Her Son in Double Bubble Trouble?

M.I.A, 3D Printed Machine Guns & Her Son in Double Bubble Trouble?

May 19, 2014

Tired of 3D printing stories yet?  Yeah-me either.  According to Gawker  M.I.A.’s just released self-directed video for “Double Bubble Trouble” (also heard in the Captain Morgan White Rum commercial below), contains 3D printed machine guns and drones.

I remember M.I.A. during her dating Diplo days, and her huge custody battle with her ex Ben Bronfman, an entrepreneur and son of billionaire Edgar Bronfman, over their son, Ikhyd Edgar Arular Bronfman (who is supposed to make an appearance in the video taking a selfie around the 34 second mark.)  Ben Bronfman, filed a restaining order against M.I.A. in March of last year, which prevented her from taking her precious son out of the country — even to her homeland of England, according to TMZ.

The sinister techno-futurism video is set amidst a grimy backdrop of third world bedrooms, council estates, and makeout parties that should be familiar from her cinematic oeuvre (and likely somewhere in the US if the restraining order still applies.)  And quite a departure from the Captain Morgan White Rum commercial.  Girl keeps it interesting.

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