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Johnson & Johnson’s Acclarent & Bayer’s Essure Medical Device Frauds Come to Light

Johnson & Johnson’s Acclarent & Bayer’s Essure Medical Device Frauds Come to Light

July 27, 2018

Arizona’s Family

Federal Whistleblower Melayna Lokosky Shines Light On Medical Device Industry

Source: AZ Family 3 TV Nicole Crites

We also found an industry insider here in the Valley who says medical device sales reps are flat out told: “Blame the surgeon, blame the patient, destroy documents!”

Melayna Lokosky says once medical devices hit the market, there is very little follow up to make sure these potentially lifesaving devices, aren’t harming, even killing us.

“Johnson & Johnson was charged with crimes that cost them $18 million dollars, the medical device I blew the whistle on was removed from the market worldwide and two executives have been convicted of federal crimes,” she said.

Lokosky says she is the first federal whistleblower under seal to go public blogging under her own name to try and expose industry secrets on the disturbing power of the $400 billion-dollar medical device industry.

“Innovation is used as a manipulation to evade the law,” Lokosky said.

“Unethical and illegal behavior is encouraged replicated and rewarded and those who expose the truth are eliminated,” Lokosky said.

She lost her job as a sales rep for Johnson & Johnson when she started asking why they were selling a medical device cleared by the FDA for one thing, then intentionally used it off-label for something totally different.

The “Stratus” device, created by Acclarent and bought by Johnson & Johnson, was pitched to the FDA as a device to maintain sinus openings but was instead sold to thousands of hospitals as a new way to deliver drugs like steroids.

“They told us to destroy all documents. That is a huge red flag!” Lokosky said.

Please read the full story by 3 TV’s Nicole Crites:
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