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UPDATED: Rob Lowe’s EGO-Off the Charts! Instagram’s Forced Accountability is Fantastic! Now Facebook & Twitter Step Up!

UPDATED: Rob Lowe’s EGO-Off the Charts! Instagram’s Forced Accountability is Fantastic! Now Facebook & Twitter Step Up!

Updated November 15, 2015: Rob Lowe makes the tragedy in Paris about himself then when forced accountable for his unethical behavior he plays the role he’s best known for #ProfessionalVictim where he places blame without taking accountability. #TheSociopathicBusinessModel

Rob Lowe Professional Victim ParisAttacks

Abuser fall into two pathological categories under The Sociopathic Business Model™ Selective Tolerance or Professional Victims

Updated: June 30, 2015

Rob Lowe is at it again #Paltrowing:

Sure image vs. substance Rob (oh wait Hollywood is all about image). Bet if he wore a tie the economic situation in Greece would be just fine. #DeepThoughtsWithRobLowe Not sure who Owen Jones is but regardless he is right about Lowe’s movies-they are unwatchable.

Did Rob Lowe’s spoof movie on North Korea, The Interview win multiple Emmy’s. etc? Just because the propaganda machine in Hollywood gave one of Rob’s movies a trophy doesn’t make them watchable.  Remember Sandra Bullock and George Clooney’s Gravity, it won awards too Rob.

Updated April 9, 2015 Rob Lowe may have just lost his only recent steady acting gig: DirectTV Commercials

The National Advertising Division (NAD), which is part of the national Council of Better Business Bureaus and a self-regulation body for the advertising industry, recommended Tuesday that DirectTV discontinue certain claims in its Rob Lowe-starring commercials after receiving complaints from rival service provider Comcast.


Not that I agree with Comcast but waiting for Rob Lowe to double-down on his fight the system when it’s self-serving approach should be entertaining and may just become his only full-time job.

Updated December 23, 2014

Sure hope the The United States Department of Justice sends Sony Pictures a bill for using our tax dollars for their lack of accountability regarding the Hack & PR for The Interview. Supporting Sony is supporting a racist, sexist terrorist funded by our tax dollars. Rob Lowe, Aaron Sorkin and George Clooney weren’t smart enough to see they were manipulated by Sony-hope the rest of us are. ‪#‎TheSociopathicBusinessModel‬ ‪#‎HackWasWack‬ #BoycottTheInterview

December 18, 2014

Instagram Purge

It’s a beautiful day on the internet. First many narcissistic Hollywood asshole actors, producers and directors were denouncing Sony’s “decision” to pull The Interview and to cave to the “terrorists,” not because they’re concerned over freedom of expression (PRSpin Hollywood) as they’ve stated but they’re worried it might happen to them and hurt their future paychecks (PRSpinUnSpun Hollywood). Funny where was all this outrage when it was determined the NSA illegally hacked and spied on U.S. Citizens?

Rob Lowe in Cast of The Interview

One person who is really vocal and burning up Twitter about  freedom of expression is actor Rob Lowe, who apparently is in The Interview-who knew? A little self-serving Lowe’s railing against Sony and the very pretty but not too bright Lowe appears to have missed that he’s being manipulated by Sony and not terrorists.

Rob Lowe Twitter Neville Chamberlain

Comparing Sony pulling The Interview to the same as appeasing Hitler

(No seriously try not to laugh at the amount of hubris in that statement.)

It’s a shame because I always liked Rob Lowe and thought he came across as down to earth and not the typical ego-driven asshole in Hollywood-fact based evidence is showing something different, though.

Rob Lowe Sony

Rob Lowe’s ego is off the charts.

Wow-Is Rob Lowe pissed that Sony “caved” or is he mad that he’s not getting a big paycheck because there aren’t residuals from a non-released movie?  That appears to be more than a little self-serving and hypocritical; and, it appears that Mr. Lowe doesn’t like forced accountability.  This is a “painfully thirsty” Rob Lowe.

Twitter Blocked by Rob Lowe-Best Day Ever Killing My Career

Twitter Blocked by Rob Lowe-Best Day Ever.

More of Rob Lowe’s Greatest hits as he plays #ProfessionalVictim

ROB LOWE: Nannygate is Killing My Career

Rob Lowe’s Tale of the Tape

(As someone who writes about fraud and forced accountability-THIS is better 

then when a self-serving celebrity who believes their own hype “follows” you on Twitter)

Careful actors, directors, and producers don’t bite the well-manicured hand that feeds you.

PRSpin Sony Hack:
Sony decided to pull The Interview from Christmas day release because of  terrorists and U.S. Citizens.
PRSpinUnSpun Sony Hack:
Sony is fearful if they didn’t pull the movie even worse information than rampant racism and sexism within the company would be released.  Sony did what was in the best interest of Sony and it had nothing to do with terrorists and U.S. Citizens.

The other exciting thing that happened on the internet today was Instagram decided to purge all fake followers from accounts. That’s right all those posers who “bought” followers (and my favorite partlied about it) met with some forced accountability today. Now it’s time for Facebook and Twitter to do the same. More than a few Brand AmbASSaWhores would throw fits that make Toddlers & Tiaras look like a day in the park if that ever happens. Remember: “Fake Followers” do not buy real products!

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The Dirty

The Dirty Instagram Purge

Justin Bieber Loses 3.5 Million Followers; Kim Kardashian Loses 1.3 Million

Web developer Zach Allia created an infographic of the top 100 celebrity accounts with the most followers lost. While this is interesting it’s also wise to look at those in the business/marketing world that you follow or admire-and see if you still do.  Ironically Instagram lost almost 30% of their followers from the purge.


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