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How Do You Get Your News?

How Do You Get Your News?

According to the Associated Press (AP):



I was shocked to learn that television is still the number one news source but not too surprised to learn tablet was a close second. As the full article states most people use multiple sources throughout the week.  No mention if the NSA will be inserting chips in our heads to think for us but there likely won’t be mention.  Much like the NSA Prism Program no mention until exposure of unethical or illegal behavior and then denial from accomplices who are likely to become victims.  Zuckerberg has asked for reform and IBM is the latest to join the charge.

“The U.S. government should have a robust debate on surveillance reforms, including new transparency provisions that would allow the public to better understand the scope of intelligence programs and the data collected,” IBM stated.

The NSA using such technology to nab targets of federal investigations is one thing but learning that Mrs. Jones wants her husband to pick up milk on the way home from work because she’s picking up the kids is an invasion of privacy.   This debate likely won’t be solved anytime soon and has many layers to it.  Like if the NSA learns by chance that ‘milk’ is actually code for drugs that they’re selling to schools, we’d want something to be done about it; however, we should never have had that information to begin with because they were not previously a target of an investigation.

As consumers and taxpayers it’s important to recognize the cycle of denial from the government and big businesses that were likely accomplices now wanting to distance themselves from crimes and to protect their images which are tied to profits.  As the blame game begins and accountability shifting starts the ones caught in the middle are the honest hard working tax payers.

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