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UPDATE: FOUND Alive Help Find Missing Phoenix Woman: Kara Taylor/Black Volkswagen Jetta AZ Plate: ATR2163

UPDATE: FOUND Alive Help Find Missing Phoenix Woman: Kara Taylor/Black Volkswagen Jetta AZ Plate: ATR2163

October 4, 2014 UPDATED: Kara Taylor has been found alive and the family is releasing no further information but would like to thank everyone for their efforts in helping locate Kara.

The purpose of this site is to help people, so when on Friday my mother asked me to call our neighbor who had a friend over who was upset that her missing sister-in-law wasn’t getting any media coverage, I was asked if there was anything I could do to help.  I don’t “know” people, but I “know” people who “know” people and while I made no promises of air time to the sister-in-law to the missing woman, I did promise to do my best to get it into the right hands.

Over the next few hours I learned a few important things: the police will push for media coverage if they, in their professional opinion, think it warrants it. Young children and older adults where medication or mental capacity are in question rightfully warrant air time almost immediately.  Police and media are reluctant to put every missing, young, able-bodied person on the news because most are recovered.

It was great to see a community bond and rally on Facebook and Twitter in conjunction with the local news, specifically Kevin Kennedy of NBC Channel 12 News in Phoenix who led the 10PM newscast with Kara’s story.  Kara, thankfully, was found yesterday with no further word from the family. While I respect that some matters are private once the media and community are engaged it is no longer  a private matter.  This site is about helping people but it’s also about accountability. I have no doubt that each person involved had their heart in the right place regarding Kara; but, the circumstances around Kara’s return can’t be dismissed without cause or else the opportunity to help others who may be experiencing the same problems is lost.

This isn’t about making me look bad to media contacts or even making the media look foolish for going against fact based evidence over time regarding police guidelines and airing a story that really shouldn’t have aired-because I still maintain it needed to air.  Whatever the reason Kara went missing it means there’s a problem (and whatever her problem-there are likely thousands who have the same problem) and the family dismissing it without any transparency is a missed opportunity to bring larger social awareness to that specific given area and help others who are struggling with the same problems. Hypothetical expamples: substance abuse, mental health, domestic abuse etc. and by covering it up (likely this isn’t the first time) is a lost opportunity where the media can take hold of an issue that needs to get attention and could help countless others.

Again, I don’t know all the particulars around Kara’s story; but, I do know that truth is the only way to break any negative cycle.

To the members of the community who feel their efforts were not needed or wasted: they were needed and know that you helped.

To the media that covered Kara’s story: Thank You-please keep covering stories like this-you may have just saved a life.  Kevin Kennedy you are a hero!

To Kara’s family: 2,300 people go missing each day and your family has been provided an amazing opportunity to have your loved one return safely. Take action to get Kara the help see requires and transparency on the topic could help save more lives than just Kara’s.

All the best to Kara and her family-


October 3, 2014

Thank you to Kevin Kennedy, NBC Channel 12 Phoenix  for making Kara’s story first on the 10pm news tonight.

Missing Person Phoenix Kara Taylor

Missing Person Phoenix Kara Taylor 2

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