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Happy Thanksgiving! Have We Been Gobbible?

Happy Thanksgiving! Have We Been Gobbible?

November 27, 2014

Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey


Wild Turkey


Happy Thanksgiving!

Be sure and wow your friends and family with some fun lesser known facts about Thanksgiving; and, it’ll help you stay clear of topics like Cosby, Uber, Ferguson or trying to figure out why white turkey meat is so dry. And when in doubt you can always pack a different type of Wild Turkey.

The Mayflower was supposed to travel with a sister ship The Speedwell, but it wasn’t deemed safe for travel so the Mayflower sailed alone. Plymouth was established in 1621 by European settlers (so far so good) but the feast was actually three days long and not repeated annually at first.

So no Plymouth got Rocked First Annual Feast t-shirts in 1621? And apparently no black and white formal wear with hats and buckles. WHAT? And kids have been dressing incorrectly for every school pageant ever since? Buckles weren’t around until later in the seventeenth century and women typically wore reds, earth-tones, blue and gray while men wore earthy green, brown, black, beige and white.

Thanksgiving didn’t originate in America.

American Indians weren’t wearing loincloths (that was more from the springwear line-it was cold in November on the East Coast in 1621 too!)

The Pilgrims didn’t have turkey-they had duck, swan, pigeon (mmm good) and seafood. 

For more, lesser known Thanksgiving facts watch John Green from Mental Floss:


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