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Governmental Irony & Entitlement at its Best-Funny Except We Pay for It

Governmental Irony & Entitlement at its Best-Funny Except We Pay for It

July 18, 2014

Ironic Headlines:

FBI:  Google’s Driverless Cars Could be Lethal Weapons 

Google Driverless Cars and FBI

Not to be confused with GM cars that were actual Lethal Weapons-Thanks FBI that was super servicy and probably only cost the tax payers $100 million.

Ghosts From Nationals Sales Meetings Past Killing My Career

NSA Responds to Snowden Claims that Intercepted Nude Pics “Routinely” Passed Around By Employees

Previous reports based on documents leaked by Snowden have said that sexy images get captured during the course of mass surveillance. In a video interview with the Guardian published Thursday, Snowden said it was not unusual for employees who “stumbled” across an “intimate nude photo of someone in a sexually compromising situation” to pass it around. He said he saw it happen, describing it as “routine” and seen by many as “a fringe benefit of a surveillance position.”

Upside-it could be the beginning of the end of the Selfie.  Or Maybe the NSA can start a new dating site called “Saw You While You Were Sleeping.”

Paper shred head_thumb

Despite Yearlong Investigation of IRS, DOJ Just Learned of Lost Emails from Media

Here’s a thought, maybe someone at the NSA can walk away from the Selfie peep show long enough to go through the IRS database.  (PS none of us believe the information wasn’t backed up).  Or you know cool hats after the shredding party. 


Jon Stewart Unearths the CIA’s Biggest Secret: Cafeteria Complaints

One complaint notes the shortcomings of a new brand of kielbasa on the lunch line: “Please change back to the previous brand. This is a Friday treat that I look forward to every week.”

Another notes disappointing attempts at international flavor: “I had the Russian meal today and am disappointed…. Please realize that many of us have really traveled to these countries, and when you provide food like you did today, it causes me not to support this kind of cuisine in the future.”

Russian Food

Or you know the entitled jackass could take one of their six weeks of vacation and really get authentic Russian food.  

Host Jon Stewart says in The Daily Show, “The emails were everything from preferring individual ketchup packets to pump boxes to inadequate almond portions at the breakfast cereal bar to Diet Pepsi coming out of the regular Pepsi spout. Fascinating. Apparently, at the CIA, even the sodas go undercover as other sodas.”

Happy Friday!  Go on out and live large like an entitled government employee this weekend.



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