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Glassholes Grab Your Credit Card & Wait for April 15th

Glassholes Grab Your Credit Card & Wait for April 15th

Google Glass

I’m already tired of hearing about Google Glass, the Revenge of the Nerd’s style, eyewear that records video which will retail for $1,500+ tax + (loss of dignity-free with purchase).  The only redeeming thing about the glasses are the name spawned from the backlash from the self-entitled wearers of Google Glass: Glassholes.  If pre-launch is any indication they’ll be a smash!  Or smashed.

So far the unfashionable eyewear has sparked a bar room brawl:

Woman Claims She was Attacked for Wearing Google Glass at Bar

sarah_slocum final


And one woman the opportunity try and earn back her self respect and dignity for the next 20 years.

I’ve freely admitted at times I’ve been an asshole (eyewear not necessary) and my weapon of choice had always been shoes.

Viktor and Rolf final

I’ll happily loan these to her if she’d like ‘Smash the Glass.’

And the only glass  I’m familiar and equally annoyed with

was the one where I hit my head on

the glass ceiling hard enough to have a spinal cord injury.

Next Tuesday, April 15th at 6am PDT, we’re opening up some spots in the Glass Explorer Program. Any adult in the US* can become an Explorer by visiting our site and purchasing Glass for $1500 + tax – and it now comes with your favorite shade or frame, thanks to feedback from our current Explorers. The number of spots available is limited, so mark your calendar if you want to get in. Source : Marketing Land

And here’s an example of technology ahead of its time used for good 3D Printing.

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