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CONFIRMED: Fort Worth Alcon Rep Admitted to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital with Ebola Symptoms: Is He the Nurse’s Boyfriend?

CONFIRMED: Fort Worth Alcon Rep Admitted to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital with Ebola Symptoms: Is He the Nurse’s Boyfriend?

October 14, 2014


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Alcon employee potential symptoms of Ebola Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital

On the anonymous medical device rep message board Medtechy someone posted a letter from (allegedly) Alcon saying that one of their employees (their Fort Worth associate allegedly Darren Schreder) was admitted to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital with potential symptoms of the Ebola virus. The same hospital where the nurse contracted Ebola; and now it’s being reported that the nurse’s boyfriend was admitted with Ebola symptoms.  My hope is that someone posted this to alert people to the possibility of the outbreak spreading much more quickly and not as a hoax to be an asshole (because reps are never assholes.) Reps are in many hospitals and doctor’s offices a day.

Updated: A source familiar with the hospital says that Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital had 60 cases on the board (or scheduled) for the week and all the cases but three are canceled, rescheduled or moved to other facilities.  This means people do not want to have surgery at the hospital right now.

From the other industry anonymous rep message board Cafepharma

Alcon rep is reported to be a contract specialist

Alcon Rep is a contract specialist

Alcon Rep Darren Schreder

Today: 10/15/2014

Alcon Employee Meeting announced

Today 10/16/2104

Alcon CP 10 16 2014


Dallas hospital stumbles in early response to Ebola USA Today

Nurse gets Ebola. The latest development is that Pham, who was caring for Duncan during his second hospital visit, contracted the Ebola virus, even though she was wearing protective gear such as gloves, gown and mask. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said it is still investigating exactly what led to her being infected.

Ebola Nurse Boyfriend Admitted With Ebola Symptoms

GotNews just updated confirming that Nurse Nina Pham is an dating Alcon rep. and her parents work at Alcon.
Not good, if he’s a typical rep he’s in at least 7-10 doctor’s offices a day and up to 1-2 hospitals depending upon the type of rep/company dynamic and possibly pharmacies.
The CBS Story aired at 7:08am according to their website.
Curious why media is so slow to pick up on this story? You think CNN would have Anderson Cooper in Fort Worth in a haz-mat suit at the very least. And NBC Nightly news pretty much stayed clear of the Ebola topic (Hey Nancy Snyderman) and really pushed the Facebook/Apple egg freezing story.  
CNN just did an update (10/14/ 2014 10:49 PM) on Nina Pham and describe her as a devout Catholic (#PRSpin) so they wouldn’t ask her about Alcon Rep boyfriend (#PRSpinUnSpun) who is also hospitalized with possible symptoms?
The ethically challenged CDC failed to mention Ms. Pham or anything about her boyfriend at the press release earlier todday.  Lack of transparency is what creates panic.
10/15/2014 Director of the CDC said 2nd Ebola nurse shouldn’t have flown yet cleared her to fly (inconsistent & contradictory language to action) 
CDCBlame Chart for Ebola
  • Pastor Jim

    Yeah, all kinds of stories are “breaking” in the DFW media right now. Apparently it’s not just the patients who are avoiding Presby, but also the docs. There was a brief mention on their local news last night of other hospitals in the metromess being swamped with surgeries originally scheduled at the “Ebola Hospital” as the Dallas Morning News terms it. Even their ER is quiet now.

    I read the other night where John Cleese, who’s 74 now, was asked his feeling on growing older and he commented he was looking forward to dying because it would be pleasant to not have to hear so much about ISIS and Ebola. I had to laugh. He’s right.

    October 15, 2014 at 6:07 am

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