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For Immediate Release: #CleanUpYourMesh Twitter Awareness & Accountability Campaign

For Immediate Release: #CleanUpYourMesh Twitter Awareness & Accountability Campaign

For Immediate Release:


Twitter Awareness & Accountability Campaign

Friday, September 19, 2014-Sunday, September 21, 2014

In 3 days get: 

Goal: 100,000+ Signatures on a Mesh Device Recall Petition

September 19, 2014

Who: Medical #MeshVictims World-Wide tweeting their little finger off and asking for the public and media’s support-by signing the petition #WomenAgainstEssure and to #GetActive on social media in support. (Upside, we’re just asking for you to sign a petition-upside-no ice buckets required)

What: #CleanUpYourMesh #CleanUpYourMeshFDA Twitter Campaign to unite all #meshvictims while #bringingawareness of the dangers of #mesh to the public and working together individual manufactures as well as the government via petitions for calling for an industry-wide mesh recall.

Awareness without action will fall flat; and, why the #IceBucketChallenge  (tied to the challenge & donations) was far more successful than #BringBackOurGirls (people didn’t know what to do beyond holding a sign on Twitter). This campaign won’t require you to ruin hair or suits by getting wet, make a donation or take a picture of yourself holding up a sign on Twitter. Our #AwarenessAndAction is simple and it’s only three days long! So please #GetActive

Essure Letter



Currently there are over 100,000 lawsuits against the different manufacturer’s of transvaginal mesh and mesh product. And of those 100,000 over 30,000 federal lawsuits set in West Virginia are against the largest producer of the mesh products Johnson & Johnson (JNJ); and, for context less than 30,000 people suffer from ALS in the United States. People have seen the late attorney ads on television about #Mesh and incorrectly assumed that all the mesh cases were over; and, that’s really the only media coverage these cases are getting. #MediaBlackout #Mesh  

If it wasn’t for people like Jane Akre (known for her stand against Fox News/News Corp and censorship around Monsanto which was documented in  The Corporation)and her continued work on the site #MeshMedicalDeviceNewsDesk few would know about the number of people who have been forced to suffer in silence; but, many of the #MeshVictims have decided to band together to have their voices heard and they’re coming on strong but need the publics help!

CRose CleanUpYourMeshTwitter Campaign

Perhaps the #MediaBlackout #Mesh is because the same people who fund mesh also fund the media.

TwitterMeshAccountabilityEvent Sept 19 to 21

Sadly, this could have, and still could be, prevented but people like Johnson & Johnson’s (JNJ) spokesperson Sheri Woodruff  making medical claims to the media; and, a very specific media The Wall Street Journal, is a clear manipulation of the facts. (Reuters does not get response from Sherri Woodruff)

Johnson & Johnson spokeswoman Sheri Woodruff the company continues to sell mesh gold standard



Please Sign the Campaign to Hold Johnson & Johnson Executives Accountable

 The medical device companies (who stand to profit from such statements) do not get to decide or infer if a product is a “gold standard of treatment” the educated medical community along with the FDA does. 



Companies that make the mesh will continue to sell these products putting profits before patients, continuing to hurt us, our wives, our mothers, our sisters our aunts unless as a community we #forceaccountability form the companies that sold this mesh that’s breaking apart inside of our women and painfully migrating throughout their bodies. Three revision surgeries or more are not uncommon to remove the mesh; and, once it’s removed many are left with nerve damage and sexual dysfunction.

Jeanie Esther (Jean__Esther)  Twitter - Google Chrome 9192014 15040 PM

Bayer’s Essure intrauterine device, another such product, was designed as an option for women who, after children decided for a permanent birth control option.  Some of these women are in their early 30’s and 40’s fatigued from the infections the migrating mesh is causing, not able to move or hold jobs because of the intense pain.  Is this fair to our young mothers who can’t pick up our children, nieces and nephews from school, unable to stand long enough to get dinner with the family, to have  their lives are forever changed forever because the FDA hasn’t recalled these products?

Unlike ALS we could have prevented the needless injuring or in the extreme cases killing any our 100,000 mothers, sisters, and wives who should have remained healthy.  Despite the record breaking lawsuits it will continue to happen until there is #ForcedAccountability from the all the medical device industry and the FDA pulls all similar products made with polypropylene. In comparison Proctor & Gamble’s Crest, this week announced it will be pulling from the market their FDA approved polyethylene microbeads by March 2016 after public concern. Crest took a similar product out of toothpaste and makes of medical mesh devices want to keep on implanting at the expense of our women!  

So while you may not know someone currently injured by mesh, if you, your wife, your mother or you sister were going in for surgery, these devices can still and, in some cases, are still being implanted.  Help give all women a voice and by supporting the #CleanUpYourMesh Twitter campaign to force accountability from the manufacturers and the government.

#GetActive #CleanUpYourMesh #CleanUpYourMeshFDA

Please unite with all the #meshvictims and help #WomenUnitedAgainstEssure reach over 100,000 signatures by Sunday night!

This is easy just tweet, retweet, and sign petitions for a recall. No chilly water, we don’t even want donations, we’re just asking for each viewer to do a minimum of 10 tweets each of the three days of the campaign. And you don’t even have to take a picture of yourself holding a # sign. Again, just tweet the #’s above, retweet if you see them come across your feed or share on other social media accounts and help take a dangerous product of the market.

  • Janis Urban

    It bothers me that there are so many that are injured by these mesh devices. I can’t understand why most will not participate in speaking out against this issue. Sure they will share information and there woes on help sites dedicated to mesh injured. But as I see it you cannot make any changes to why these devices are still available to cause more harm on these sites. You have to let your voices be heard. The world is at are finger tips! We who attempt to get this issue of mesh out find little entries to the mass media. The windows to the mass media are crack a bit these days. So please, when an offering of a site to place a comment on mesh is offered, let your voices be seen. Do not get me wrong the Mesh sites are invaluable, heartbreaking and the research and medical information helps so many understand mesh. Change takes many steps and it is a long road.

    March 10, 2015 at 1:16 pm
  • Lori Pelucca

    We do need this exposed via the media and as many sources as possible,, I have written Obama’s, Gloria Allred, Dr. Oz, Oprah, and so far I received a call from Nathan Goldberg , From offices of Allred. Moroko,and Goldberg, but since that time he has not contacted me. I don’t know if these people are afraid of this or if they simply don’t see a win in it. From my view, If this gets positive attention and the world sees the corruption and threats to their own lives and those they love,IT IS A WIN.. Thank You for all you do, and God Bless Us All.

    March 13, 2015 at 2:02 pm
      • Lori Pelucca

        Really, Thank You, We are blessed to have someone with Character such as yours Meylana, We are one in the Pain and suffering but we are One also in the correction and healing. I know we sometimes forget the Spirit that is taking it’s stand right now and that is the Power we call on and give gratitude to for Earth Angels such as You.May God Bless You and all with Healing, Light and Great Love. Keep going Meylana, God is coming through You in purpose and intention. Bless you every step of the way.

        March 15, 2015 at 7:16 am

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