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DuckDuckGo (away Google?)

DuckDuckGo (away Google?)


Get your Edward Snowden on with this ambitious Philadelphia-based upstart that’s been called “anti-Google,” where privacy is king.

1. It’s big on privacy.  

2. It doesn’t collect and save your identifying data.

3. It doesn’t save or share what you search for.

4. It doesn’t offer the joys of auto-complete. 

5. Yup, you will run into ads. 

6. It’s growing fast, but not fast enough to threaten Google, not even a little.   

The site last year pulled in more than 1 billion searches opposed to Google’s 1 billion seraches a day.

I like to root for the underdog er duck but they need to figure out how to pull up images quickly.

Read more: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/231852#ixzz2uZ0WKsP0



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