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Boycott Bayer: Sued for Misleading Consumers

Boycott Bayer: Sued for Misleading Consumers

October 17, 2014

#CleanUpYourMesh #Bayer

Essure Buycott Campaign

It looks like Bayer, yes that Bayer the maker of Essure®—the only non‑surgical, permanent birth control available, the same one that has thousands of women suing them over the product are being sued again this time in from their consumer division for misleading marketing for One-A-Day Vitamins .

According to  – Consumerist:

The proposed class-action suit [PDF], filed in a federal court in California by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, contends that Germany-based Bayer AG and its U.S. subsidiaries Bayer Corporation and Bayer HealthCare, of false advertising, unjust enrichment and violation of California consumer protection laws.

The One A Day website currently breaks down the products into four categories — “Products Specially For Women,” “Products Specially For Men,” “Products For Healthy Lifestyles,” and “VitaCraves Gummy Multivitamins.”

Then each of these has multiple varieties. For example, the page for female-targeted vitamins lists 10 different One A Day products that specifically target everyone from teens, to prenatal women, to the over-50 crowd, to “petite” women to menopausal women, to females with “active metabolism.”

Bayer does target women and women need to quit supporting Bayer from their medical device division/Essure® to their consumer division/One-A-Day Vitamins by forced accountability through a company-wide boycott until  Bayer takes accountability and makes positive changes.

  • The medical industry has used us as experimental lab rats for years. We have been led like sheep to slaughter. We trusted them. The greed has blinded them and they are disconnected from the pain and suffering they have caused. They celebrate the money they have made. Money is not the root of all evil….The LOVE of money is the root of all evil. they have sold their souls. They think they are immortal. However sooner or later they will die they will become sick and have to use the poison that they forced on us. It makes me sad to realize the corruption has ruined our country. It is harder and harder to live the american dream. Where is our government? I guess greed has blinded them also. they no longer care about “We The People”

    October 18, 2014 at 6:51 am
  • The medical industry owns the country….lock, stock and barrel. They are in our universities influencing future doctors, major hospitals funding research, the doctors offices pushing drugs and devices, in Congress through powerful lobbyists, the media with millions and millions of dollars in advertising, hospitals with products through purchasing programs. The question is, Where are they not intricately woven into our culture and society?

    Thanks to Melayna for her insight and action!!

    Lana Keeton

    October 19, 2014 at 1:10 pm

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