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4th of July Big Business in Bed With Big Media: JNJ & WSJ Hobby Lobby Case Study

4th of July Big Business in Bed With Big Media: JNJ & WSJ Hobby Lobby Case Study

July 3, 2014 (LinkedIn Story at Bottom)

4th of July involves the unemployment line for 400 Johnson & Johnson DePuy Synthes employees who were cut this week.  Maybe it’s time to pull a Hobby Lobby on some of the employers.  And it’s tough to find much about it from major news outlets with the exception of one:  The Wall Street Journal’s Pharmalot Blog.


Seriously how cool is that bed?  You sure can hide a lot in it, can’t you? The bed is by Gaj Furniture (which has nothing to do with this story).  But if we’re all getting potentially screwed at least it’s in a cool bed, right?


Johnson & Johnson Advertising


And the breakdown:


Unless you’re in the medical device industry or pharmaceutical industry you’ve not heard of the sites covering this story; and, yet they all cite The Wall Street Journal as their source for the story.  And a Johnson & Johnson DePuy Synthes press release cannot be found on their own site. 

DePuy Synthes Website Lacking any Press Release


So where are the major news organizations like the New York Times on this story?

The New York Times Johnson & Johnson DePuy Synthes 400 Job Loss

C’mon it’s not the hugest story (especially timed so well with people going away on a long holiday weekend), but seriously?

Hey Mr. DOJ how about playing our song this weekend and notice that what’s also missing from the Johnson & Johnson DePuy Synthes website is that they’re in the midst of paying over $3 billion for faulty hips.  Each time a company commits a crime they should be forced (Hey is that forced accountability again on this site?  Anyone else seeing a pattern?) to not only send every press release to the top five media outlets  and it should also have to remain on their website under Media & Press along with all of their other press releases for at least one year.  You’re welcome-and the people will take their check now please as we seem to be doing The DOJ’s job and better and yet have no say where all this money recovered goes?    The record the DOJ is spinning is getting as old as JNJ’s.  And if Uncle Sam doesn’t like the “snarky tone,” too fucking bad. And freedom in the press looks like it has a price tag of $41 million?

Happy 4th Free Speech and all that!  We live in an amazing Country and it’s time we take the bipartisan politicians and corrupt companies out of the way and take back what those who have served our Country fought for.  Thank you to the men and women who have served and continue to serve to keep our Country free!

Thank you for reading-Melayna

Updated: Later the same day

Johnson & Johnson Not So Stealth Mode

And Johnson & Johnson Not So Stealth Checking out my LinkedIn Account

Or you can click on that image and it gives you this one….Not sure why people do that “stealth thing” on LinkedIn.

Shut down in 5…4…3…?

LinkedIn July 3 2014

Read More Here  JNJ DePuy Synthes Laysoff 400 employess for the 4th of July!  How American

  • Pastor Jim

    I know this is a small side line to your story, but the second largest category in their ad budget breakdown is “other” at 800M+!? Yet they break out newspapers at 41M? Hmmm…that sounds kinda slushy to me but, hey, they’re a “family company” so it’s probably all good.

    Plus…psst..careful “outing” your visitors. You don’t want to scare off insiders who may be scouting you as a potential whistle-blowing outlet 😉

    July 7, 2014 at 4:32 am

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